Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


from the 4 of us...

From us to you, we hope your Christmas is Magical!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

feeling sentimental...

I see trees of green,
red roses too...
I see them bloom
for me and you...
And i think to myself:
"What a wonderful world!"
I see skies of blue
and clouds of white
The bright blessed day,
the dark sacred night
And I think to my self:
"What a wonderful world!"
The colors of the rainbow
so pretty in the sky
Are also on the faces
of people going by
I see friends shaking hands
saying "How do you do.
"They really say: "I love you!"
I hear babies crying
I watch them grow
They'll learn much more
than I'll ever know
And I think to myself:
"What a wonderful world!"
Yes, I think to myself:
"What a wonderful world!"
Every time I hear this Louis Armstrong song, What a Wonderful World... (which I just happen to have on the Christmas CD playing in my car right now, ) I see this photo of Meritt and Matt in my head... I just can't help it. I don't know why but I get really sentimental when I think of them as daddies girls. The line in the song that says; I hear babies cry, I watch them grow, they'll learn much more than I'll ever know... Gets me every time! There is not a day that goes by that I am not conscience of the fact that my kids are precious gifts from God. I also realize that the time goes by way too fast. This picture of daddies little girl, will soon change to a daddies girl all grown up, and heading off in her own direction. I cherish this picture. You can feel the love straight through the image!

Christmas Fun

Christmas time fun

Friday when Bella got off school for her winter break, I told her that every day that she was off of school that we would do something "fun" for Christmas. Friday night we started off by going to the craft store to collect some supplies for our Christmas crafts we will be working on this week. Then, we picked up daddy from work and went out for Chinese food for dinner.

Saturday, while Meritt was napping and Matt was working on the door to the bathroom that Meritt decided to run through, Bella and I went and did some Christmas shopping. Just her and I... we talked, shared a treat at Starbucks, got groceries for our week, and special Christmas dinner. It was nice. It's not very often her and I get to hang out any more. I miss her. She and I used to be together all the time... it's a little weird when school comes into play and that all changes! After shopping we made dinner, and had a big family meal of baked penne, garlic bread, and salad. Later, we bundled up (not too much it was pretty warm) and walked downtown to catch our horse drawn wagon, so we could go caroling through old down, and enjoy the lights. It was a great night!

Sunday, we woke up and got dressed and went to church to see the childrens program. (neither of my kiddos were in it... Bella's too shy, and Meritt's too little - but I hold out hope that some day one of my kids will be in a children's program!) The kids were so cute, and it was so fun to see the kids really get into, and understand what CHRISTmas is really about! Came home that afternoon and just spent some family time... I love those kind of days!

Last but not least... yesterday, was our annual baking day. It was so fun this year!!! Both girls could participate, and we had a great time making and eating lots of sweet things! Childhood memories are being made. I hope they look back on these memories fondly!

Now, onto today... now I'll I have to do is come up with something "fun"... no problem, fun's my middle name!

Monday, December 21, 2009

let the baking begin!

Guess what today is??
Annual Cookie Baking Day!
Let the cookie baking begin,
and the cookie eating go on and on!
Happy Monday.

Friday, December 18, 2009

silly girls make me smile!



I just have to share this blog that I love to read called "whatever". She's a mother of 5, a photographer, a christian, totally creative, funny, and a lot of fun. I enjoy reading her blog, seeing her photography, and seeing her creativity bloom. This morning when I checked in, she had a great post on crafts that she did with her kiddos for Christmas. She had some great ideas for things to do at home with school out, rain, and cold days. I think we are off to the craft store soon to find some supplies for some Christmas crafts of our own. I'll try to show you what we come up with! Go check Meg out, I bet you'll love her as much as I do!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

baby whispers...

brother whispers 2

Fabulous news to share today!!! Logan went home, and Liam will be on his way soon! This picture is too sweet for words. Hope you guys do great with your first little guy home tonight!

is it just me...???

is it just me or does this time of year go from "oh I have plenty of time"... to "whoa where did all the time go?" It's like one minute you've got it all under control - and the next, you're totally out of control. I made a to-do list yesterday which has definitely pushed me into getting some stuff done, which does feel good, but there is still a lot left on the list let me tell you! Anyone else??? Oh well, what doesn't get done just doesn't! I just want to enjoy this Christmas. My girls are at the perfect ages, and I know the magic isn't going to last forever in their eyes! I love listening to Meritt sing "Bingle Bells, Bingle Bells..." as we push the cart through Target. I love that Bella wants to make cards and gifts for everyone she loves. I love that Meritt squeals with delight when she sees "Hanta"... even though she says she's too scared to talk to "Hanta". It's just fun. These funny little things, the being together that's what it's about. Not the to-do's, the wrapping, and the baking. So, join me in taking a cleansing breath............. Ahhhhhhhh now doesn't that feel better? It does to me!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

little miracles...


These two little cuties are our families Christmas miracles! For those of you who have been following my blog you know that it took a whole lot to get these babies into the world. But, alas there is the most wonderful news! We woke up to these pictures in our emails and couldn't help but share the great news!!! Liam and Logan (Willie and Wonka) are both up to 5lbs 8oz each. They are both doing great... and just got the best news ever - they may be going home as soon as early next week! Can't even put into words how happy this makes me. These two precious little ones are absolute miracles from God, and we are so thankful for them!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

what a waste...

What a total waste of a day. Woke up to below 50 degrees in our house. Finally got a call from the heater people, almost 12 hours after the original call. Grrr. Said that they would be to our house by 11 didn't show till 12:30..... and now at 5:30 it's just reaching 60 degrees inside. Too cold to do ANYTHING. Went and ran a few errands just to be out in the heated car and stores, but most of my to-do's were things I needed to be at home for. SO, now I'm another day behind. I hate wasted days it frustrates me to no end! I hope that by bedtime we can be toasty and warm, and that tomorrow will be a better day!

dear santa...

Dear Santa,
please bring my heat back in my house...
it's now colder in the house than in the fridge...
we're chilly... please, even if only for the little children!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Monday, December 7, 2009

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

tree day!

We're off for our annual Christmas tree hunt... to find the perfect Christmas tree or two! What a perfect day for it! The sun is shining, it's nice and cool and crisp, and it hasn't rained in days, so we won't get stuck in the mud! I'll post pictures soon of our outing & the tree!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009



For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food, for love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

14 day challenge - day 14


Today I am thankful for: Traditions... Old and New! There is something that feels very grounding about having traditions. It's like your favorite sweater, or an old friend. There is something so familiar about it that you look forward to it every year. I feel like creating traditions in a family is so important. It's these things that we remember fondly as we look over our childhood years. As I have embarked on this 14 day thankfulness challenge, it has made me think. What am I most thankful for??? Relationships... Family... Faith... these things are all centered around one thing TRADITION. Our traditions, the things that we hold important enough to do time and time again, we hold in our hearts as our most precious things.

Last night we had "movie night" at our house. This is a fairly new tradition in our house - now that the girls are getting old enough to sit through a whole movie. Last night we watched "Santa Buddies". I had seen the previews and thought it just might be a great movie for us all to enjoy. I just thought it would be cute... little did I know that it was going to teach a good lesson too. The movie is centered around the magic of Christmas. Believing in your heart of the magic of Christmas. That the true spirit of Christmas doesn't lie in receiving, but in doing for others.

As we were cuddled in our little blanket nests watching our movie as a family... it dawned on me, tradition, memories, closeness, it's happening right now. I am thankful for these things, these memories... they are among my most treasured things in life..

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

14 day challenge - day 13

Today I am thankful for: Happy Mornings! I am happy to announce that Cristy went into labor last night... and had two good sized baby boys. Much to Matt's dismay they didn't choose the names Willie and Wonka... can you believe it? Liam Reed, 4lbs 14oz. 17 1/4" -came first, right before midnight, and Logan Keith, 4lbs. 6 oz. - came a few minutes later via C-section, a little after midnight. Can you believe they managed to have two different B-days? Both babies are on ventilators and aren't quite out of the woods yet. So, please pray that they will all go home healthy very soon! Congratulations Cristy & Val, can't wait to meet those boys!

The girls are over the moon this morning to hear about their new cousins... and have been running around singing and dancing all through the house. I love happy sounds in the morning!

I hope you start your day just as happily as we did!

Monday, November 23, 2009

14 day challenge - day 12

Today I am thankful for: Emma Downtown. Our business has been my life for the last 10 years. Basically my whole adult life... People think that it would be amazing to run your own business... how fun they say, oh I wish I didn't have to work... on and on like that the comments go. The truth is, it is amazing, and fun, but you will NEVER work harder than you do for yourself. PERIOD. You never leave it. You don't clock in and then clock out, it's always with you. In a sense it's your baby. You worry over it. You never stop thinking of it. You always love it, although you may not always like it... very much like having a child. For every responsibility it brings, it gives more joy, more blessings than I can count. It is because of our business I have the flexibility to "have it all" as people say. I get to be a full time mom, and do what I love. It keeps me on my creative toes. It has helped me develop countless friendships and relationships with people I may have never known otherwise. It has allowed me to stay close to my family, and grow a priceless friendship with my mother. I really do feel thankful that we have made it 10 years... through peaks and valleys, ups and downs. I am really proud that we have made it this far! Can't wait to see what happens in the next 10 years.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

14 day challenge - day 11

Today I am thankful for: Little things that make me happy!
Things that just make life a little better just because....
ice tea
peppermint lip balm
soft flannel sheets
my Jak softie
back rubs
foot rubs
neck rubs... (hmm I see a pattern here)
date night with my honey
my awesome camera
bubble baths
good smelling things
hugs and kisses from my sweetie pies
coffee with friends
days out with my mama
oh, so many things to be thankful for!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

14 day challenge - day 10

Today I am thankful for: My House. My House is more than a house it's home! It's my oasis... My safe spot... Love lives in these walls, under this roof, and when I'm here I'm home. It is here where I have planted my roots, in hopes that they will grow deep. I have planted my hopes and dreams here, and I hope with time, love, patience, and care, that my dreams will become realized. I am so thankful for this place, the place I can raise my family, and grow our memories. It is a true blessing.
Every house where love abides
And friendship is a guest,
Is surely home,
and home sweet home
For there the heart can rest.
~Henry Van Dyke

Friday, November 20, 2009

14 day challenge - day 9

Today I am thankful for: So very, very, thankful that my nephews are still nice and safe right where they belong! In their mama's belly!!! I am also very thankful for the courage, strength, tenacity, and will of my wonderful sissy in law! She is one very strong woman! She has now been in the hospital for 49 days... She is 31 weeks and 4 days prego and those boys are growing everyday! Not all people could have endured what she has. She is a wonderful mother already, I'm not even sure if she knows it. I am thankful for you Cristy. Keep up the good work!!! I am thankful that our prayers have been answered and those precious boys are healthy and well. God is so good! Can't wait to meet you Willie and Wonka :)! XOXO

Thursday, November 19, 2009

14 day challenge - day 8

Today I am thankful for: Good friends... I have a great group of supportive friends in my life. I feel really lucky for that! But, there are two in particular that have been with me for a long time. We've kind of grown up with each other. We are the kind of girl friends that know so much about each other we don't dare part ways :)... We've been through A LOT, teenage years, boys, college days, 3 weddings, babies, houses, jobs, moving cross country, you name it we've been there for it. We're the kind of friends that could go months without talking or seeing each other and pick right back up like we haven't been apart for two minutes. I love these girls... They are my best friends. I am thankful that God has given me these ladies to always have my back. I don't have any sisters, but if I did I would chose them!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

14 day challenge - day 7

Today I am thankful for: Dinnertime. Every evening no matter what we set at the table together as a family and enjoy a meal. Sometimes it's take out, sometimes it's a full on homemade dinner. Sometimes it's the four of us, sometimes we have grandma and papa, other family, or friends to join us. I love this time as a family. Some of my fondest memories growing up were around our little dining room table. I always sat at the end on my little footstool. I love this tradition... but my favorite part of all is that my girls wait to eat (without even being told) until everyone is sat down and served, so we can say our "prayers". This has become very important to the two of them at out dinnertime routine; and it makes my heart happier than just about anything on earth! Bella says this prayer as we hold hands "God is Great, God is Good, Let us Thank Him for our food! - Amen" (this is almost always followed by Meritt saying "Amen! I did it!" At the end of the day good, bad, or in between, you just can't help but be truly grateful for this simple but beautiful thing!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

14 day challenge - day 6

Today I am thankful for: The gift of motherhood. I feel truly blessed that I am lucky enough to experience motherhood. As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to be a mama. Growing up I mothered anything and everything that would let me; including my kittens who I would dress up and walk in baby carriages, my poor little dog checkers, baby dolls, stuffies, even my big brother. Having my children has been one of the greatest blessings I think I will ever receive. My heart breaks for those out there longing for children. My heart breaks for all the children out there longing for parents to love them. Knowing there are so many that have such trouble realizing their dreams of parenthood, and family, I realize how incredibly blessed I am to have my children! My girls are my world. I am so thankful that God has in trusted me to raise these precious people!

Monday, November 16, 2009

14 day challenge - day 5

Today I am thankful for: Well... it's Monday, sometimes it's hard to be thankful on Monday. Especially when your Monday morning starts out, well like... Monday. But, even in this I can be thankful! Thankful for the little things... like a steamy, creamy cup of coffee enjoyed in bed after the chaos of getting everyone to school and work is over. The prospects of the day. My baby girl coming to bed this morning to say that she wanted to "cuddle mama". Bella blowing me a kiss on her way out to school. The rain outside my window. 2 year old giggles. A big bar of lovely Jojoba soap in my bathtub. A warm cozy house, and the love that lives inside it... even on Monday! Sometimes it is the little things in life that mean the most! Happy Monday.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

14 day challenge - day 4

Today I am thankful for: Getting to spend the whole day yesterday by myself with my dad. A day of fun... just him and I. I can't remember the last time we did that. I think it's been at least a decade. We've spent days working on projects, house stuff, or work together, but to just hang out... it's been a long time. I am so thankful for a wonderful father. He has taught me what and how a true man should act. I am thankful that he is a person that now as a grown up I can honestly say is one of my best friends. Not many people get the joy or pleasure of really knowing and enjoying their parents as I do. For this I am thankful! Very, very thankful! Thank you dad for being willing to hang out with me for a whole day, and for being such great company.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

14 day challenge - day 3

Today I am thankful for: Being lucky enough to be married to my best friend, my true love. Marriage is hard work. There are times that you give more than you take, there are other times you take way more than you give... but to have a person that cares for you with an unconditional, and selfless love is the ultimate gift. I am one of the blessed ones in life, and I know it! There is not a day that goes by (even the hard ones) that I don't thank God for Matthew. He is an amazing person, with a huge heart, kind, caring, and sweet. Today and everyday I am so thankful that he is mine and that he is the father of our girls!

Friday, November 13, 2009

14 day challenge - day 2

Today I am thankful for: A constant friend in Jesus! That his Grace has saved me. When I feel troubled, forsaken, abandoned, and misunderstood - he is by my side!

What a friend we have in Jesus,
all our sins and griefs to bear!
What a privilege to carry
everything to God in prayer!
O what peace we often forfeit,
O what needless pain we bear,
all because we do not carry
everything to God in prayer.

Have we trials and temptations?
Is there trouble anywhere?
We should never be discouraged;
take it to the Lord in prayer.
Can we find a friend so faithful
who will all our sorrows share?
Jesus knows our every weakness;
take it to the Lord in prayer.

Are we weak and heavy laden,
cumbered with a load of care?
Precious Savior, still our refuge;
take it to the Lord in prayer.
Do thy friends despise, forsake thee?
Take it to the Lord in prayer!
In his arms he'll take and shield thee;
thou wilt find a solace there.

(Remember to play along!)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

14 day challenge...

The unthankful heart... discovers no mercies;
but let the thankful heart sweep through the day and,
as the magnet finds the iron,
so it will find, in every hour,
some heavenly blessings!
~Henry Ward Beecher
There is officially two weeks (14 days) until Thanksgiving...
Each day until Thanksgiving I will post one thing I am thankful for.
I would love it if you want to play along, post here, or on your own blog/facebook/wherever!
I believe that being grateful for what we have is the cornerstone of living a blessed life! This time of year especially I love to slow down and really give some thought to what I am most grateful for.
Today: I am thankful for...
Having a truly wonderful family - far and near. I feel blessed beyond measure for my loving husband, sweet girls, supportive parents, great brother, amazing sister-in law, awesome in-laws, wonderful aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandma's. How LUCKY I am to have so much love and support in my life!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

what's on your wish list for santa?

recently opened her very own online boutique...
Oh how I dream of this for Christmas!!!
Do you think Santa reads blogs?
Maybe I should send official letter to the North Pole just in case!
Go check it out...

Sunday, November 8, 2009

day of rest...

Can't remember the last time we all just spent a lazy day together at home...
(by lazy I mean it's 4 in the afternoon & we're still in our jammies)

It feels really good!
It's great not to have anywhere to be, anywhere to go, and to have nothing that has to be done right this minute. Ahhhh, these kind of days even if they are really rare, are so good to have every once in a while!

Right now there is no sound in my house except the click of the keys on my keyboard. Matt and Meritt are taking a long afternoon nap, and Bella and I are all cozied up watching a little TV. I knew there was a reason I was looking forward to today all week! I hope you are having an equally relaxing day with someone you love!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

It was no surprise when my horse crazy girls chose to be, Laura Ingalls Wilder & a little Cowgirl. I love costumes that let you use your imagination. I am not a fan of the ghoulish side of Halloween. I much prefer to focus on letting the childish side of your self shine by playing dress up and make believe!

Had to share this one of my dad all dressed up, as what he plans to look like in about 25 years. He somehow has gotten the job of handing candy out at the annual downtown trick or treat... He loves it! He lives to see the reaction he can get. He even scares his own grand kids that know that their papa is underneath all that! I have to admit he is pretty convincing, and pretty scary!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I could cry...

I could cry... big ol` crocodile tears right now, but I won't. Had to take the girls and myself a little while ago to the Doctors office for flu shots. I have been dreading it all week. What a way to finish out my 7 days of being a single mama. Yuck.

Now me myself am not afraid of needles. I'm not afraid of shots, there isn't much that even makes me queasy. But, listening to my six year old scream with all of her might as tears flowed from her eyes... just about did me in! To say she is afraid of a shot is a bit of an understatement...
It took 3 adults to hold her down. I don't think I will ever forget her eyes. Over and over she kept screaming "no mama, don't let them hurt me".

Honestly, that was one of the worst things I've ever had to do.
Even though I know it was what was best.
Doesn't make it hurt any less.
Everyone is fine now... except for me, I'm still shaking.
The girls are drinking their reward; Oreo milkshakes - while watching Charlie Brown's Great Pumpkin. Wish someone would give me a treat, or at least a hug!

Matt will be home in 3 hours and 15 minutes or so... but who's counting?
Maybe I'll get a hug then!

Monday, October 26, 2009

my week...

Well here we are almost at the end of my single mom-hood. Can't believe I'm actually about to say this, but it's been nice. I've actually really enjoyed this time. My girls have been so good. It's funny how your kids can totally step up to the plate when push comes to shove. (without even being asked - just because they know it's what's needed!)

This week has really made me feel capable. Totally capable. It feels good. I don't know how to explain it... it just feels good.

Don't get me wrong, I do miss my honey, and I will be glad when he's home, and our family and house is back to the way it should be... but, there are times when your strength and constitution is challenged, and it's nice when you realize you are stronger than you realize!

I love my girls. I love spending time with them... I am so glad I have spent this week enjoying them rather than feeling sorry for myself that I had to do all the work on my own. A year ago I'm not sure if that would have been the case.

Be glad for everyday - every moment!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

autumn leaves have fallen...

October gave a party;
and everything was grand,

The leaves by hundreds came

-The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,

And leaves of every name.

The Sunshine spread a carpet,

Miss Weather led the dancing,

Professor Wind the band.

~George Cooper, "October's Party"
Spent my afternoon yesterday raking leaves. Boy do we have a lot of leaves... How glorious though to soak in the last of the sunshine. The last of the "nice weather"... it changes pretty quickly this time of year. I just love fall, it's so beautiful. I love the crisp weather. I love putting my jeans and sweaters back on. I love cooking cozy foods, and cuddling with my girls and a good book. Call me strange but some days I even love the rain... especially when I get to watch it outside my window! Happy Fall.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


single*mom*n*it: say it quick, it makes sense :)!
The definition ... ? ...
It's what I'm doing this week.
Yes, for 7 days I am home alone with my two sweet girls.
We are minus hubby, minus daddy, minus extra hands, extra patience, and many other things.

Really not so bad. Other than it's a little lonely, and home just doesn't feel like home without him in it. But, we'll make it! Probably more grateful and thankful for the time that we do get! He is in San Fransisco on business... darn him for being so good at what he does :).....

So. Other than that...
Well, being a single parent takes up pretty much all of my time.

Getting ready in a week to close the shop for a week and prepare for our Holiday Open House. Call me crazy, but I am so excited. Haven't been this excited to decorate for the holidays in a long time! It is going to be AMAZING this year, can't wait!

Cristy (Matt's Sissy) that I spoke of in my post "the power of prayer"... is still holding on to those sweet babies. She has been in the hospital almost 21 days, and will be 28 weeks prego on Sunday. That will mark the first goal the Doctors wanted to get her to... the next goal is to make it to 30 weeks. So keep the prayers coming!!! They do work! So thank you to those of you who have kept them in your thoughts and prayers!

Well, so far that's it...
I'm sure I'll have some pretty funny stories to share as the week progresses... Heaven knows what will happen around here. Good thing they are such good girls!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

the power of something small...

Too often we underestimate
the power of a touch,
a smile, a kind word,
a listening ear,
an honest compliment,
or the smallest act of caring,
all of which have the potential
to turn a life around.
~Leo Buscaglia

Friday, October 16, 2009

her smile...

She has a thousand different smiles, but doesn't give any away too easily. She is careful, cautious, unsure at first. But when she gives you that smile, you know you've won her heart. She has a big and beautiful heart. The best and most beautiful part of her is she has no idea how beautiful she is... inside or out. There is never an air of conceitedness about her. She just is who she is. Take it or leave it.

To most she's quiet, and conservative. To me... she is laughter, and sunshine, caring, and goodness. I don't think she has any idea how much I love her. Actually, I know she doesn't. How could she ever know the depth of my love... The moment, I found out that she was growing inside of me, I fell in love. The moment the doctor placed her on my chest, I knew her heart and mine were forever connected, in a way, and in a love that I had no idea existed.

She challenges me, strengthens me, makes me think, has made me NEVER to say "never". She delights me, surprises me, stretches me, and makes me wake each and everyday with thanks to God for the life I have been given. She doesn't always give her smiles or love easily, but when she does... I feel like I've won the lottery.
Bella, I know that it isn't always easy being you. I know that from a very young age you have been expected to be and do a lot! But please don't ever question how proud I am that you're my girl. You make me so proud. I can't believe you're the baby that doctor placed on my chest - when I fell head over heals in love. Where has all the time gone? Slow down... would you please? It's all going way way to fast for me.
Thank you for the smiles you give,
they are so precious to me... each and every one!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

That Girl...

I have had the pleasure this week to really spend some real quality time with my little monkey girl. I know you're probably sitting there thinking to yourself don't you spend everyday with her? Aren't you like 24/7 mama. The answer would be YES, and I love spending everyday with my girls. There's a BUT coming... but, I don't always get to spend one on one "Quality Time". When Bella was little her and I spent everyday just her and I, we knew each other's ins and outs. But since Meritt has come along my attention always has to be shared. Whether with her sister, her daddy, another family member, friends, chores, the shop, phone calls, or life.
This week life has been pretty quiet... (knock on wood). After many weeks of pretty much chaos and craziness... we have spent the week chilling out with one another. Man that girl make me laugh. Man that girl makes my heart melt like it's right over a big Ole blazing fire...

She has a way about her...
She has a light in her eyes...
She has a joy in her heart...
that is contagious.
Sure she can be sneaky.
Sure she can be a monkey.
Sure she has a fiery, passionate personality.
Sure she's...
& fearless...
But she's also, sweet, kind, loving, cuddly, vivacious, joyous,
happy, and perfect just the way she is.

I imagine that it's not always the easiest thing being the baby sister. Being compared to your sister, and everything she did and when, her personality, and how sweet, smart, and good she is.
(Just as I'm sure it's not always easy being the Big Sissy either, but that's a different story for a different day!) It's probably not always easy not really having anything that is just yours (not even your mama and daddy). To always have to share, even when you have no idea of the definition. Always having to act a little bit better than maybe you're really capable of because you're being drug around with the "big kids". Always having to watch as your sis gets to do things first... play with friends, go to parties, and have more privileges... when you're told you're too little. But, Meritt, you'll get your chance some day... I promise you! I hope you don't grow up too fast, because I happen to like the fact that you're the baby sister!
I feel so blessed to have this girl as my daughter. Everyday she is teaching me what life is really all about. She's only been with me less than 3 years, but she has already taught me so much... I feel like it is in part to her that I am a better person than I was. I can't wait to learn more. What a joy it is, just to spend my days in your presence!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heavy Hearted...

Each and everyone of us walks our daily walk with a different purpose, a different outlook, and a different struggle. Some try and look at life with the glass half full. Some try to make each day better than the one before. Some of us are good at being obedient to the life that God is asking us to live. Other's of us wake up each day unexcited, looking at the day as something we have to get through rather than enjoy.

It's easy to judge someone else, but it is so hard to see our own truth. Why is that? Each of us is woven of our own threads, made up of our own fibers. Some of the fibers were knit when we were young, some came later when heartbreak found us, as our innocence was fleeting, or life caught up with us, or as we experienced joys through small eyes, or accomplishments along the way.

I have a heavy heart tonight to make a proposition to whoever may be out there reading this today... Think of all of the friends, family, and loved ones you may have today that need your prayer. I know right now there are many in my life. Some I feel sorrow for, some I wish I could change, some I feel sorry for, some I feel happy for, some might not even know me well. Who ever may be on your heart... listen to that calling. Pray for that person. Whether it be a person you love, or even one you loathe. Remember each of us has a story. Each of us has a struggle. Each of us needs to be prayed for!

Some days I feel so guilty because I am so blessed. In many ways my life is easy. There are people I know that are living in unhappy marriages, or desperately want a child. Others seem to not be able to find their happiness no matter where they look. Some I know keep being challenged with the same lesson time and time again. Others live in denial, keeping quiet rather than speaking their truth.

At the end of the day no matter how blessed or how challenged we may be at our own point in time. Something has hit me in the last little while, and that is... that the only person in this whole world we can change is ourselves. Anything you don't like in someone else is most likely a trait you don't like in yourself. We can never make a person feel for us what they do not feel. We can never make a persons focus and priority what you would want it to be. You can never make a person feel something they don't really feel themselves. The only one in life we can control is our self.

Whoever is on your heart... pray for them.
I know that there are people on mine tonight that I will be praying for!
I will also be thanking him for my many many blessings.
Remember to be thankful - even for the really little things. Slow down... take a deep breath... because if we forget to thank him in the good times how can we expect him to bless us in the bad times?

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the power of prayer...

I would like to ask any and all of you out there reading this to pray for my sister in law, and her unborn twin baby boys. Late Friday night she went into unexpected preterm labor, and was rushed via ambulance to a state of the art, level 3, neonatal facility in Roseville CA. She is 25 weeks along. Over the weekend they were able to get the preterm labor stopped, thankfully, but are unsure at this point how long she will be able to go without delivering. The medications that they can give for this are so powerful they are only able to keep mother's and babies on it for short amounts of time due to all of the side effects and complications.

The Doctor's have told her to focus day by day and hour by hour. That every day she can keep the babies where they belong the better! So I ask for you to pray. The power of prayer is a powerful thing, and the more prayer the better! Matt has affectionately nicknamed the babies "Willie & Wonka" so we are just praying that our little Willie & Wonka stay in their mommies belly where they belong for as long as they possibly can. Thank you for praying for this!

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Be Grateful for good music,
for dark chocolate,
for a place to call home,
for warm hugs,
for quiet time,
freedom to dream,
for family time,
for understanding souls,
for kindred spirits,
for true forgiveness,
for sweet memories,
for pink bubblegum,
for silliness,
for red shoes,
for blue skies,
for every breath,
for sunshine on your face,
for a child's laughter,
for God's grace
--Bonnie Jensen
When I read this it touched me...
so absolutly true!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a new attitude...

A new attitude, to go along with a new day. Do you ever think about how self defeating our own attitudes are? Mine was well pretty self defeating as of late. But today I woke up with a can-do attitude rather than the opposite, and well I think it worked. I feel much better today. I got a lot done today, and accomplishing things always gives me piece of mind! Thank you mom for watching Meritt today so I could work without interruption! Thank you Lila, Gail, and Sarah for being such loyal troopers! Thank you Lori for your sweet note, and prayer... (I told you it works!) Everyday is a new one full of endless possibilities... and really it's up to our own attitudes as to what will happen with the day, and it's possibilities!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

do you ever feel...

...good at nothing?
Unable to balance it all? I love this time of year for it's weather, and loveliness. I hate this time of year for it's absolute chaos it brings to my life. School starts, summer ends, the shop is absolute madness; there are always more to do's than time. I hate that feeling.

For the most part I've done pretty well keeping my head above water, but today... I feel good at nothing. I feel like the worst mother on the planet, and well, is there anything worse than that? Both girls were pretty much unglued from get go today. To make things worse... it couldn't be one of those days that I went at their pace. It was one of those days they had to go at my pace. My pace you ask??? What's that? That would be the pace of a chicken with her head cut off. Clucking around trying to find it. We've got a huge event at the store this weekend, and still TONS of inventory that we are trying to muck through. I had an appointment with a sales rep, and a schedule to make. In the midst, guess what I forgot? My eldest daughter at school. My heart sinks. I was there 15 minutes late, she was the last kid standing, and there were tears in her eyes. I bought her a brownie... it was the least I could do. Then more work, and Open House Night at school. Didn't have time to feed them dinner first, so we went unfed. BIG MISTAKE. Never take unfed, tired, cranky kids anywhere... EVER. After we went to dinner; also a BIG MISTAKE because by this point no amount of food would have solved our problems.

I lectured them the whole way home on how bad they acted, how disappointed I was, and how I may never take them out into public again. I think I should have listened to my own lecture, or had gotten one of my own....

When will I ever learn?
When will I ever learn my own limits?
When will I ever learn my kids limits?
When will this week be over?
When oh when can life get back on a routine?

I need prayer.
Don't laugh...
I am serious.
It works you know...

It should probably start something like this: God please give me the strength and grace to get me through this week........... I am in your hands... Please forgive me for being such a rotten mama, please help me be a better mama tomorrow..............

Thank goodness tomorrow's a new day!
With blank pages, and endless possibility!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

my big first grader...

I'm a little late with this... like a week and some change late, but better late than never right??!! Here she is, my BIG first grader, Miss Bella! So far she's loving school. She has a great bunch of friends, and has handled the transition pretty well! (other than being very hungry & tired by the end of the day) As for me, maybe it's a good thing I've been so busy, because I haven't had time for it to soak in that she is now a big kid... I couldn't be prouder of her. She is smart, witty, funny, loving, sweet, sassy, and she tries with all of her might, and I appreciate that about her! It's pretty weird for her to be gone from us all day, but she's so happy, it's hard to not be happy for her!

what's been happening...

Last week, I made a big mistake... I posted that I thought all the craziness was on the decline. Boy was I wrong! While we were getting Bella ready to go to her very first day of first grade the phone rang. It was my best friends husband. It was only 7:45 in the morning, my first thought... why is he calling me so early? My next thought, oh my gosh........... "IS SHE IN LABOR!" Yes, they were in the hospital, and I was to get moving in that direction. The adrenaline definitely started to bubble! We got Bella off to school, made arrangements for Meritt, and off I went up to Salem to the hospital, to be there for Kelli as she had her first baby.

It was no run of the mill labor and delivery. That's for sure. She ended up being rushed in for an emergency c-section. Shortly after the baby (Anibelle Jean - 7lbs 1oz - 17 3/4") was taken to the NICU, and Kelli to the Cardiology unit after complications with her heart. It was scary, it was horrible, there is nothing worse than the helpless feelings that you feel when someone you love is in danger in this way. Luckily they both recovered well, and are now at home working on getting to know each other and learn to nurse. I am so happy for them. She is a doll!!!

Hopefully soon, I will post some pictures of baby Anibelle, Bella's first day of the first grade, and some of the other things we've been up to! It will just be a little later than I thought! Life is just crazy sometimes isn't it?!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

better together...

Everything is better when we're together.... even after all these years! You're still my favorite. I love you more and more every year. Happy nine years honey! Love You. XOXOXOXOXOXO

Saturday, September 5, 2009

just keep swimming...

So it's kind of a running joke around our house that I call my mom and Matt "Dori Fish"... (if you've watched Nemo you'll get this, if not skip this post:)!) Anyway I'm not going to go into great detail on why they have acquired this nickname, but let's just say, they're well.... a bit forgetful. So, when things get a bit stressful at the shop Mom and I always sing to each other "Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming..." For some reason it just makes us feel better.

The last few weeks has been hectic. Especially at the shop. I exaggerate not when I say we have gotten hundreds of boxes just in the past couple of weeks. We usually close the shop this time of year and completely re-do the shop for fall, but we are going at things from a new angle these days, and are changing the way we've done things in an attempt to make things run as smooth as possible. (if that is even a possibility) Finally today I think we're finally on top of things; at home and at the shop! YEAH... it feels so good. Maybe the coming week won't be quite as hairy??!!! The garage sale that we are having this coming weekend is 89% organized. The attic is completely cleaned out and organized. The girls closets are cleaned out, re-organized and switched from summer to fall. The house is clean-ish. The shop is set for fall; two new front windows, brand new racks of steamed, beautiful fall fashions, all the displays are changed, and cleaned, all the sale stuff has been inventoried and put away (hallelujah, and the angels sing), the back rooms are clean and organized-ish (and we'll be even better after Tuesday when Sarah comes), and the other shop to-do's on my list are DONE! WooHoo. School shopping was done online this year... and school supplies bought months ahead. I almost made that too easy... almost. It should be smooth sailing from here! (I hope!)
Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!
I just keep singing that song!
For today, I feel I may just be on top of things... Just maybe.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"By all these lovely tokens
September days are here,
With summer’s best of weather
And autumn’s best of cheer."

- Helen Hunt Jackson, September, 1830-1885

Can hardly believe that September is here... do you know what that means? In one week I will have a first grader. Oh, my. Be still my heart. When did she grow so big? When did summer fade? How does this time of year always go so fast? There's few more days of summer, and then we're back at the routine of school. It's going to be very weird for a while without Miss B. here all day. I wonder if Meritt and I will be lost for a while, or fall right into our own routine?

It's been a while since I've "blogged". Life seems to get so busy this time of year. Maybe Meritt and my new fall routine will let me blog a little more often. For now, there is 3 more days of swimming lessons, a shop to fill with pretty fall things, a three day weekend to enjoy, a garage sale to prepare for, a house to clean, a garden to tend to, and a kiddo to get ready for her first day in the 1st grade. Oh, my. Oh, my. That's all I can say!

Friday, August 28, 2009

playing catch up....

I think this will be my motto for the day...
I am playing some serious catch up this week...
I'm back from Seattle, and everyone survived me being gone, or so it seems....

This is always a busy time for us, no matter what. Trying to savor the last of the summer days, squeezing in anything and everything that hasn't happened in the summer that you hoped would. Preparing to get back to school.

Then there's the store. This time of year is more hectic and more chaotic than even holiday time. This is when we have everything coming for fall, Christmas, hundreds of boxes, tons and tons of racks of clothes that need to be steamed and priced, and even more that needs to be un-boxed but where??? Oh, where? The back rooms overflowith!

So for today, I forget about the home stuff, the end of the summer stuff, the back to school stuff, and all the other "stuff". Today is kick some butt and get some stuff done at the shop day! :) As Bob the Builder would say, .... "we can do it.... Yes we can!"

(can't help but hear Lila in my head when I think of that one!)
(that's the one she and I say to one another during these times)
(Boy I've missed you Lila, so glad you're almost back!!!:))

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

our family photo shoot...

a week and a half ago we had the
pleasure of having our photos taken
by the very talented Meghann Street
of... Your Street Photography
excited doesn't even sum this whole
experience up for me.......
for a long time I have wanted really artistic
photos taken of our family, but haven't known
where to go, or who to call,
recently some friends of ours had some photos taken
of their little girls and I fell in love with them....
then, when I found out she travels to you
is amazingly reasonable, and releases
the edited photos to you...
I thought I'd died and gone to heaven!!!
I hope you enjoy - this is just a snippet
of the AMAZING photos Meghann took for us!
Please check out her blog or look at her work
if you are at all interested in having photos taken!
just click on any of the photos to see a larger version

Thank you Meghann for putting up with us!
Can't wait to do this again!!!