Friday, October 16, 2009

her smile...

She has a thousand different smiles, but doesn't give any away too easily. She is careful, cautious, unsure at first. But when she gives you that smile, you know you've won her heart. She has a big and beautiful heart. The best and most beautiful part of her is she has no idea how beautiful she is... inside or out. There is never an air of conceitedness about her. She just is who she is. Take it or leave it.

To most she's quiet, and conservative. To me... she is laughter, and sunshine, caring, and goodness. I don't think she has any idea how much I love her. Actually, I know she doesn't. How could she ever know the depth of my love... The moment, I found out that she was growing inside of me, I fell in love. The moment the doctor placed her on my chest, I knew her heart and mine were forever connected, in a way, and in a love that I had no idea existed.

She challenges me, strengthens me, makes me think, has made me NEVER to say "never". She delights me, surprises me, stretches me, and makes me wake each and everyday with thanks to God for the life I have been given. She doesn't always give her smiles or love easily, but when she does... I feel like I've won the lottery.
Bella, I know that it isn't always easy being you. I know that from a very young age you have been expected to be and do a lot! But please don't ever question how proud I am that you're my girl. You make me so proud. I can't believe you're the baby that doctor placed on my chest - when I fell head over heals in love. Where has all the time gone? Slow down... would you please? It's all going way way to fast for me.
Thank you for the smiles you give,
they are so precious to me... each and every one!


Jenny said...

Amazing pictures!!!

Bella Rose said...

Thank you... these pics were done by Your Street Photography! She's amazing!

go check her out...