Sunday, October 25, 2009

autumn leaves have fallen...

October gave a party;
and everything was grand,

The leaves by hundreds came

-The Chestnuts, Oaks, and Maples,

And leaves of every name.

The Sunshine spread a carpet,

Miss Weather led the dancing,

Professor Wind the band.

~George Cooper, "October's Party"
Spent my afternoon yesterday raking leaves. Boy do we have a lot of leaves... How glorious though to soak in the last of the sunshine. The last of the "nice weather"... it changes pretty quickly this time of year. I just love fall, it's so beautiful. I love the crisp weather. I love putting my jeans and sweaters back on. I love cooking cozy foods, and cuddling with my girls and a good book. Call me strange but some days I even love the rain... especially when I get to watch it outside my window! Happy Fall.

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