Saturday, October 10, 2009

Heavy Hearted...

Each and everyone of us walks our daily walk with a different purpose, a different outlook, and a different struggle. Some try and look at life with the glass half full. Some try to make each day better than the one before. Some of us are good at being obedient to the life that God is asking us to live. Other's of us wake up each day unexcited, looking at the day as something we have to get through rather than enjoy.

It's easy to judge someone else, but it is so hard to see our own truth. Why is that? Each of us is woven of our own threads, made up of our own fibers. Some of the fibers were knit when we were young, some came later when heartbreak found us, as our innocence was fleeting, or life caught up with us, or as we experienced joys through small eyes, or accomplishments along the way.

I have a heavy heart tonight to make a proposition to whoever may be out there reading this today... Think of all of the friends, family, and loved ones you may have today that need your prayer. I know right now there are many in my life. Some I feel sorrow for, some I wish I could change, some I feel sorry for, some I feel happy for, some might not even know me well. Who ever may be on your heart... listen to that calling. Pray for that person. Whether it be a person you love, or even one you loathe. Remember each of us has a story. Each of us has a struggle. Each of us needs to be prayed for!

Some days I feel so guilty because I am so blessed. In many ways my life is easy. There are people I know that are living in unhappy marriages, or desperately want a child. Others seem to not be able to find their happiness no matter where they look. Some I know keep being challenged with the same lesson time and time again. Others live in denial, keeping quiet rather than speaking their truth.

At the end of the day no matter how blessed or how challenged we may be at our own point in time. Something has hit me in the last little while, and that is... that the only person in this whole world we can change is ourselves. Anything you don't like in someone else is most likely a trait you don't like in yourself. We can never make a person feel for us what they do not feel. We can never make a persons focus and priority what you would want it to be. You can never make a person feel something they don't really feel themselves. The only one in life we can control is our self.

Whoever is on your heart... pray for them.
I know that there are people on mine tonight that I will be praying for!
I will also be thanking him for my many many blessings.
Remember to be thankful - even for the really little things. Slow down... take a deep breath... because if we forget to thank him in the good times how can we expect him to bless us in the bad times?

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Jenny said...

So many good nuggets here! Thanks for sharing your heart.