Thursday, September 17, 2009

what's been happening...

Last week, I made a big mistake... I posted that I thought all the craziness was on the decline. Boy was I wrong! While we were getting Bella ready to go to her very first day of first grade the phone rang. It was my best friends husband. It was only 7:45 in the morning, my first thought... why is he calling me so early? My next thought, oh my gosh........... "IS SHE IN LABOR!" Yes, they were in the hospital, and I was to get moving in that direction. The adrenaline definitely started to bubble! We got Bella off to school, made arrangements for Meritt, and off I went up to Salem to the hospital, to be there for Kelli as she had her first baby.

It was no run of the mill labor and delivery. That's for sure. She ended up being rushed in for an emergency c-section. Shortly after the baby (Anibelle Jean - 7lbs 1oz - 17 3/4") was taken to the NICU, and Kelli to the Cardiology unit after complications with her heart. It was scary, it was horrible, there is nothing worse than the helpless feelings that you feel when someone you love is in danger in this way. Luckily they both recovered well, and are now at home working on getting to know each other and learn to nurse. I am so happy for them. She is a doll!!!

Hopefully soon, I will post some pictures of baby Anibelle, Bella's first day of the first grade, and some of the other things we've been up to! It will just be a little later than I thought! Life is just crazy sometimes isn't it?!

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Myya said...

I got to run into Kelli at the hospital... she looked great! Baby was in daddy's arms & not in NCIU anymore what a blessing!!! I wish them all the best! 1st baby emergency c-sections are scary for sure! I thank GOD every single day that at almost 4 years later mine is perfect! :)