Wednesday, November 25, 2009

14 day challenge - day 14


Today I am thankful for: Traditions... Old and New! There is something that feels very grounding about having traditions. It's like your favorite sweater, or an old friend. There is something so familiar about it that you look forward to it every year. I feel like creating traditions in a family is so important. It's these things that we remember fondly as we look over our childhood years. As I have embarked on this 14 day thankfulness challenge, it has made me think. What am I most thankful for??? Relationships... Family... Faith... these things are all centered around one thing TRADITION. Our traditions, the things that we hold important enough to do time and time again, we hold in our hearts as our most precious things.

Last night we had "movie night" at our house. This is a fairly new tradition in our house - now that the girls are getting old enough to sit through a whole movie. Last night we watched "Santa Buddies". I had seen the previews and thought it just might be a great movie for us all to enjoy. I just thought it would be cute... little did I know that it was going to teach a good lesson too. The movie is centered around the magic of Christmas. Believing in your heart of the magic of Christmas. That the true spirit of Christmas doesn't lie in receiving, but in doing for others.

As we were cuddled in our little blanket nests watching our movie as a family... it dawned on me, tradition, memories, closeness, it's happening right now. I am thankful for these things, these memories... they are among my most treasured things in life..

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