Monday, October 26, 2009

my week...

Well here we are almost at the end of my single mom-hood. Can't believe I'm actually about to say this, but it's been nice. I've actually really enjoyed this time. My girls have been so good. It's funny how your kids can totally step up to the plate when push comes to shove. (without even being asked - just because they know it's what's needed!)

This week has really made me feel capable. Totally capable. It feels good. I don't know how to explain it... it just feels good.

Don't get me wrong, I do miss my honey, and I will be glad when he's home, and our family and house is back to the way it should be... but, there are times when your strength and constitution is challenged, and it's nice when you realize you are stronger than you realize!

I love my girls. I love spending time with them... I am so glad I have spent this week enjoying them rather than feeling sorry for myself that I had to do all the work on my own. A year ago I'm not sure if that would have been the case.

Be glad for everyday - every moment!


Anonymous said...

Hey, I helped with the leaves!...Dad

Bella Rose said...

Yes you did... thank you. You were a darn good leaf blower!

I was more refering to the work with the children than the other stuff. Although it's not totally simple wearing all the hats.

It' nice to have good parents that help out as much as you do!