Saturday, September 5, 2009

just keep swimming...

So it's kind of a running joke around our house that I call my mom and Matt "Dori Fish"... (if you've watched Nemo you'll get this, if not skip this post:)!) Anyway I'm not going to go into great detail on why they have acquired this nickname, but let's just say, they're well.... a bit forgetful. So, when things get a bit stressful at the shop Mom and I always sing to each other "Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming..." For some reason it just makes us feel better.

The last few weeks has been hectic. Especially at the shop. I exaggerate not when I say we have gotten hundreds of boxes just in the past couple of weeks. We usually close the shop this time of year and completely re-do the shop for fall, but we are going at things from a new angle these days, and are changing the way we've done things in an attempt to make things run as smooth as possible. (if that is even a possibility) Finally today I think we're finally on top of things; at home and at the shop! YEAH... it feels so good. Maybe the coming week won't be quite as hairy??!!! The garage sale that we are having this coming weekend is 89% organized. The attic is completely cleaned out and organized. The girls closets are cleaned out, re-organized and switched from summer to fall. The house is clean-ish. The shop is set for fall; two new front windows, brand new racks of steamed, beautiful fall fashions, all the displays are changed, and cleaned, all the sale stuff has been inventoried and put away (hallelujah, and the angels sing), the back rooms are clean and organized-ish (and we'll be even better after Tuesday when Sarah comes), and the other shop to-do's on my list are DONE! WooHoo. School shopping was done online this year... and school supplies bought months ahead. I almost made that too easy... almost. It should be smooth sailing from here! (I hope!)
Just Keep Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!
I just keep singing that song!
For today, I feel I may just be on top of things... Just maybe.


Anonymous said...

Manda, you might want to check the back room, at the store before you become too giddy. Love Dad.(:

Bella Rose said...

Yes, I definatly spoke too soon. All hell broke loose shortly after I wrote that. I am still singing that song, does that count?