Tuesday, October 6, 2009

the power of prayer...

I would like to ask any and all of you out there reading this to pray for my sister in law, and her unborn twin baby boys. Late Friday night she went into unexpected preterm labor, and was rushed via ambulance to a state of the art, level 3, neonatal facility in Roseville CA. She is 25 weeks along. Over the weekend they were able to get the preterm labor stopped, thankfully, but are unsure at this point how long she will be able to go without delivering. The medications that they can give for this are so powerful they are only able to keep mother's and babies on it for short amounts of time due to all of the side effects and complications.

The Doctor's have told her to focus day by day and hour by hour. That every day she can keep the babies where they belong the better! So I ask for you to pray. The power of prayer is a powerful thing, and the more prayer the better! Matt has affectionately nicknamed the babies "Willie & Wonka" so we are just praying that our little Willie & Wonka stay in their mommies belly where they belong for as long as they possibly can. Thank you for praying for this!

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