Monday, November 16, 2009

14 day challenge - day 5

Today I am thankful for: Well... it's Monday, sometimes it's hard to be thankful on Monday. Especially when your Monday morning starts out, well like... Monday. But, even in this I can be thankful! Thankful for the little things... like a steamy, creamy cup of coffee enjoyed in bed after the chaos of getting everyone to school and work is over. The prospects of the day. My baby girl coming to bed this morning to say that she wanted to "cuddle mama". Bella blowing me a kiss on her way out to school. The rain outside my window. 2 year old giggles. A big bar of lovely Jojoba soap in my bathtub. A warm cozy house, and the love that lives inside it... even on Monday! Sometimes it is the little things in life that mean the most! Happy Monday.

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Anonymous said...

Mondays are hard, but they are alot easier when you get the day off. I am thankful for time to recharge. To sit and listen for that still, small voice that I love to hear. (most of the time) Soooo I guess I am thankful for Mondays.