Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Fun

Christmas time fun

Friday when Bella got off school for her winter break, I told her that every day that she was off of school that we would do something "fun" for Christmas. Friday night we started off by going to the craft store to collect some supplies for our Christmas crafts we will be working on this week. Then, we picked up daddy from work and went out for Chinese food for dinner.

Saturday, while Meritt was napping and Matt was working on the door to the bathroom that Meritt decided to run through, Bella and I went and did some Christmas shopping. Just her and I... we talked, shared a treat at Starbucks, got groceries for our week, and special Christmas dinner. It was nice. It's not very often her and I get to hang out any more. I miss her. She and I used to be together all the time... it's a little weird when school comes into play and that all changes! After shopping we made dinner, and had a big family meal of baked penne, garlic bread, and salad. Later, we bundled up (not too much it was pretty warm) and walked downtown to catch our horse drawn wagon, so we could go caroling through old down, and enjoy the lights. It was a great night!

Sunday, we woke up and got dressed and went to church to see the childrens program. (neither of my kiddos were in it... Bella's too shy, and Meritt's too little - but I hold out hope that some day one of my kids will be in a children's program!) The kids were so cute, and it was so fun to see the kids really get into, and understand what CHRISTmas is really about! Came home that afternoon and just spent some family time... I love those kind of days!

Last but not least... yesterday, was our annual baking day. It was so fun this year!!! Both girls could participate, and we had a great time making and eating lots of sweet things! Childhood memories are being made. I hope they look back on these memories fondly!

Now, onto today... now I'll I have to do is come up with something "fun"... no problem, fun's my middle name!

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