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a gift...

Over the last few months we have been working on cleaning out my Grandma's house. She hasn't lived there in years, and neither have I. But, every time I'm there the memories are so strong, I am almost always lead to tears. I'm not sure why this is exactly. I really only have treasured memories there. Nothing bad... you see my grandma (gran as I called her) (my girls call her Gigi) was my everything. There was no place I'd rather be in the whole world than at her house, in her presence. She was fun, in a sort of matter of fact way. She always had a "routine" and things didn't veer off of that routine much, but she always had time. Time to play, time to go on an adventure, time to listen, time to do whatever I wanted to. She gave me the greatest gift anyone can ever give, she gave me her time. In that time, I gave her my heart, and she gave me hers. She didn't preach at me... but she lived an exemplary life, that without words made me want to make her proud.
Anyway, as we were cleaning things out mom hands me this tacky bear book and says we need to read this... (grandma collected a lot of bears) I wasn't sure if it was more "junk", but when I opened it's pages I realized it was a true "treasure".
It was her journal. From the 80's she started it the day she retired from the State.
In reading those pages, I could hear her words. I could hear her speak. I could hear her heart. I could remember 1000 other memories/days that I had forgotten. It wasn't a sentimental kind of journal. More the kind that records the days. That's how she liked it. Reading back over those days, in her words, written in her handwriting, was a gift. I miss her a lot. There are a lot of days I wish I could walk back through her back door for a glass of sun tea and sit for a talk... I guess I'll have to settle for the memories instead.

Monday, February 22, 2010

my weekend...

Saturday, we woke up with vigor and energy. Got up and got stuff DONE! It was a gorgeous day!!! Oh, my what a sunshine filled day does for an Oregonian in February. We got house work done, yard work done, a few errands done, party stuff accomplished (made 10 monkey puppets). Things were feeling pretty good. Bella was still weak, but feeling better. She told me, "it would be a waste not to enjoy such a pretty day, just cause I don't feel all better!" -funny how much sense kiddos can make sometimes, huh?

Got the girls to bed Saturday, after their pony movie. Ah, time to cuddle in bed and watch our own movie! Seemed like a good reward for all that we had accomplished. About a half hour into our movie. Screaming was heard from upstairs. As Matt got up to go see what was wrong, I said "Oh, please tell me this isn't round 2". We had just spent the whole day cleaning vomit out of every nook and cranny. I wasn't sure I was up for more.

Just about that time Matt came down with his arms out stretched, with a vomit covered baby girl. Oh no, mad number 2 down. Into the bath she went. Got her cleaned up, re-dressed in clean Pj's. and a nights worth of supplies ready. We made her a nest on the floor next to our bed. We were prepared for a long night... or were we? About 9 as I was holding Meritt on the bathroom floor with a bucket in my lap. Matt was hunkered over the porcelain god. By 11, I was joining them. 2 very sick parents, 1 very sick baby girl, 1 recovering kiddo sound asleep. At one point Matt and I looked at each other, and said what are we gonna do??? Every time we moved we threw up. Our girl needed us. We were in full blown flu mode. IT WAS UGLY. VERY UGLY.

Sunday was spent in bed. Bella was in charge, how scary is that? She took really good care of us. I'm afraid, we weren't doing quite as well. At 7:15 last night she said, what are you going to feed me for dinner? Oh, no, dinner, I totally forgot about dinner... I know, we're terrible.

Got the girls to bed, and then we slept ourselves. For a long time. Now it's 9:30 Monday morning. Matt's home from work (THAT NEVER HAPPENS), Bella's home from school, Meritt is crabby, and I'm still in bed... 9:30, and I can't wait for nap time! Please let this be over soon. We have a birthday party in 4 days.

Friday, February 19, 2010

my day...

The constant noise of lawn mowers outside my windows hasn't quit all day long. The sounds have just come from different directions. That must mean there is sunshine outside. Haven't actually gotten to experience it for myself. You see my Bella is sick. Started at about midnight, and she continued to throw up all night until there was nothing left. Poor girl. It breaks a mama's heart not to be able to help. What a daddy she has though. He sat by her side all night, forgoing sleep himself, to comfort her, even though he had to be to work early this morning.

The house is insanely quiet as I type this. The only noise is that of the music playing from my ipod and the click of the keys of my computer. My two babies, sound asleep for quite a stretch of time now... it's strange. There are days I long for the sound of quiet. Not at this price though. Now I wish for the sounds of laughter and giggles, and pony noises as we walk (gallop) out in the beautiful sunshine. Oh, what a mean trick. A beautiful sunshiney 60 degree day in February, and we can't even enjoy it. Nervousness washes over me. Who will be next in our house??? I've already received an email that Bella's girlfriend got sent home sick, after she vomited at school. So much for my hope that it might just be food poisoning... no sir, no luck, I'm afraid it's the flu.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Dear Someone,

Dearest Sunshine, Oh how I thank you for coming out the last few days, how did you know that my heart has been longing for you? You brighten up my days. Bring a spring to my step. Lighten my mood, and make the song in my heart sing!

Thank You, Thank You, Oh how I thank you,
Vitamin D. Deficient

Dear Kat, you might want to have someone read you my blog, because you apparently didn't get the memo to stop puking and crapping on my floors... the problem has increased. This is your last warning. I am having a custom box made as we speak to send you to Siberia in. Test me again and this is where we part our ways.

P.S. a bill will be sent to you for carpet cleaning

Sick of It

Dear Daughters, Your mama has been pretty sick of hearing you fight, so I thank you for getting along better the last few hours! Maybe all you needed was sunshine like your mama.

Lovingly, Grateful!

Dear Monkey Party,
Could you please plan yourself. The sun is out... While your party planning you might want to get the house clean. Oh, and one last little thing, you may want to call in a carpet cleaner, rumor has it one of the tenets of the house hold has a little problem.

The girl who just wants to play in the sunshine!

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Monday, February 15, 2010

sibling love & sibling hate

my girls scrapbook

I am in a bit of a pickle you might say. I am at one of those crossroads of parenthood that we often find ourselves at, and I am left here wondering what to do?!!

Let me explain, you see lately my girls have been at each other non-stop. Picking, fighting, crying, screaming, knock out drag out - head to head combat. I understand that this is just part of being siblings, but it's beginning to make me go crazy... I mean seriously insane in the membrane!!!

What's a mom to do? Do you let them figure it out on their own? Or do you keep having that repeated talk over and over, and over again? You know the talk... well, you do if you have kids. It goes something like this; it is not nice to hit, we don't talk to anyone that way, do on to others as you would want done onto you. You know that talk... every mother has had it. More than she wants. Does it really work?

If they were kittens I'd smear tuna fish oil all over them and throw them in a box until they loved each other. But, I'm a thinking that would not work here in this situation. What do you think? But, if this problem doesn't get better soon, I'm not ruling this out entirely as a possibility!

My next perplexing question is this; how can the same two kids that have fought hard and mighty all day, still stop in the middle of our walk this afternoon just to give hugs and kisses? How does that work? How can they be so loving one moment, just to turn around and love on each other as if they were the best of friends? I don't have a sister, so maybe I just don't get it, but how does this happen? Not that I am complaining about these loving moments, I just want to know how to get MORE of them! Any ideas???

Saturday, February 13, 2010

that's my girl!

I sent my family out after dinner to go find movies for the evening. I decided to stay in, since my neck is killing me due to my run in with "Mr. Chiropractor". As they were leaving I yell, a treat would be good too... not knowing if anyone heard me or not. Pretty soon here they come, with movies for the evening, and a BIG chocolate cake. I said Mmmm that looks yummy. Bella said "that's what I thought, I told daddy we can't turn that down!" That's my girl! Good training I say! Hope you have a sweet Saturday Night!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dear Someone...

Dear Sweet Cranky Rosie,
Mommy is so tired of listening to you fuss. I know you are scared to death of pooping on the potty, but wailing about it all day and all night in fear that it might happen, just to decide to do it in your pants, is getting REALLY OLD. Really Old. So, please, trust me on this one, it's easy, it makes you feel better, it's not scary, and you will make me really happy if you would just do it!

With all the love I can muster at the moment without screaming myself,

Dear Miss Procrastination,
All of the to-do's on your list aren't going anywhere... Saying yes to more won't make the things you've already committed to do themselves. There will still be birthday parties to throw, design projects to complete, front windows to change, a house to clean, a gym to go exercise in, the list goes on and on. So get up, and do it already...

the voice in the back of your head

Dear Mr. Chiropractor,
I think you may have made me worse. Not sure, can't tell, but it didn't help. Why can't insurance just cover what would make me feel better, so I don't have to be in so much pain all of the time... So not fair, I know... I know, life's not fair... But, seriously Mr. Chiropractor, what kind of sense does it make to tell an almost thirty year old person that their x-rays and MRI's show degeneration of a 70 year old, and then crack the heck out of the area? (is that how you would treat a 70 year old lady?)

a darn good lookin` 70 year old

Dear Charming Dream House,
Could you please find a nice lady named Rosita to clean you? While you're at it could you find someone to do the yard work, finish the remodeling projects, and wash the windows too?

Thanks, that would be really great!
the lady without enough time to do it all

Dear Kat,
I know you are old... but if you barf or crap on my floors one more time, I'm shipping you off to Siberia.

Don't test me,
the lady that cleans up after you

Dear Honey,
I hope you will take this little hint to think of me just a little bit this coming up Sunday, as it is a cheesy holiday and all, but the lack of no thought may lead towards tears, and low self esteem. Do we really want that? It's the thought that counts... really. Just some thought. (and maybe a little attention)

Love you,
Emotionally Vulnerable and needing a break from life!

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Saturday, February 6, 2010


It has been exactly one week since Matt and I sat down to watch Food Inc. as you probably gathered from the last lengthy post, it did profound things to us. I understand that not all people will have the same reaction that we had to this. I also understand, as in all things, everyone has their own point of view on the subject. But, since seeing as this is MY blog, and the only person's views I can really speak to our MY own. I thought I would share some of the changes that have taken place, since last I posted....

We have gone a whole week almost completely organic, & local.
It feels Awesome!

After watching Food Inc. we started researching...

Researching places to buy local meats, cheeses, veggies and fruits, and also different places to buy organic, local, and whole foods. Also, looking into one of our biggest questions, what do you do when you need to eat out? Turns out there are several good options (restaurant's) locally that do local, organic, grass fed, sustainable... etc.

Yay that was good news! Especially since one of my most favorite places was on the "good list" - Burgerville!!! Woo Woo, a girl cannot live without Burgerville!

Anyway, here is a list of places that we have found that meet all or some of the criteria...

Burgerville (A Northwest fast food Chain, serving local, fresh, sustainable foods)

Costco (lots of great organic available at bulk prices)

The Grocery Outlet (again tons of great organic stuff at discount prices)

High Heels in the Barn (a blog that I think is just great!)

Life Source Natural foods (Salem, Oregon)

Who knew there were so many choices to choose from. Plus, there are tons of others I haven't even listed. These are just a few that have gotten my attention this week. I will let you know as others come along!

Making this commitment to our family feels great. I'm sure there may be times that it isn't always possible to follow it just right, but even the effort makes a big difference. Before our family was about 50% organic, local, and sustainable... mostly for a few reasons: expense, laziness, and denial that the food we were eating wasn't "that bad". We've never been unhealthy eaters. I wouldn't say. But, the commitment to not fill ourselves with chemicals, and man made and engineered foods, makes me feel like we are not only giving our kids a gift that will be long giving, but that we are honoring our bodies, and the land and animals that God has given us. I really feel like this is the way it's supposed to be. Yes, it takes a bit more effort, time, and yes even money. I can honestly say I really feel it's worth it. The funny thing is, I've found, is that when you fill your kitchen with good healthy foods, that's what you eat. When the cupboards are bare, and the fridge is lonely, that's when we got ourselves into trouble. So, making a bit more effort to plan ahead, as in most things, pays back big rewards!

Some of the things we're working on for the future are:

  • Planning our Garden (this is something we've done for years, but this year it will be more intentional) I will also be gardening 100% organically, which I am excited to learn more about.

  • Buying our meat locally from local butcher's... we are thinking about 1/4 of beef, 1/2 a pig, a few organic free range chickens, and are still looking into turkey (looks like it's a seasonal thing).

  • Canning (now that the basement is almost done, I can finally get a freezer, and area to store pantry goods... so come summer I will be canning all kinds of things!)

  • Learning more, more about label reading, more about what's good, what's not, what you should buy organically, and what doesn't really matter... basically educating ourselves, so we don't fall back into laziness, and ignorance!

  • The possibilities of our own chickens (yes, you can have them in the city,... and no I haven't gotten the OK, so we'll see)

  • Farmer's Market and Local Farms... looking forward to more things being in season. (Again, we have always gone to Farmer's Market as well as local farms, but we will be utilizing these resources more as we go forward!)
Well, for now... that's where we're at in this journey. Have you made any changes? Have you watched the film? What's your perspective... I'd love to start a conversation! Watch the film if you haven't... it's eye opening!

Have fun along the way, get the kiddo's involved. Mine have so enjoyed trying some new foods, visiting interesting markets, and even seeing some farm animals along the way! Make them part of the discussion, they might just surprise you!