Sunday, July 11, 2010

why, do some people feel the need?

Hi there blog peeps... Bear with me I'm in need of a blogging vent.
Let me set the story up...
It's Saturday, day three of Crazy Days at our shop, it's been 95+ degrees for three days. (Three grueling days of very long, hard, exhausting work.) (Crazy Days is our once a year sidewalk blowout sale... it is just like it's name, CRAZY!) Anyways, I'm out on the sidewalk working, trying to help customers, while this lady (that by the way I have never met let alone seen) walks up to me with bubbly excitement, rubs my belly, and asks me how far along I am?!

Ahhhh, WHAT? I'll I could do was smile oddly and say "no, no, ahhhh no"... and all she could say was well, you are so tiny...

What I really wanted to say was, so tiny except for my BELLY that you thought was big enough to house a child? Thanks lady, I wasn't feeling gross enough today, after three 10 plus hour days on my feet in this blasted heat. Now, I need you, a perfect stranger to make me feel like crap. THANKS. Oh, and by the way... I've already birthed two children, and well there is only so much a person can do to keep taunt after being stretched past maximum capacity! OKAY?! It's called GRAVITY!!!!

Why do people do stuff like that? Why do people that don't know one gosh darn thing about you feel some need to ask personal things. As if I was pregnant, I would want everyone on the sidewalk at Crazy Days to find out that way. Also, why did a perfect stranger to me feel the need to touch my stomach when she had no idea if I was prego or not? Too bad my tummy doesn't have teeth it could have bitten her over zealous hand right off.

You can tell I'm not wound up about this right?
It's funny someone can point out the one flaw on your body you are the MOST self conscience about and it sends you right to the moon. I know logically I shouldn't let this bother me, really I do. I get she was a stranger. She did the unthinkable thing that you always think you should never do. I'm sure she felt terrible. But, it bothers me. ON SO MANY LEVELS.

These are the kind of little comments that make women do crazy things... From girlhood and beyond. Why do women do these things to each other? I mean really??? We should be aliened as sisters all on the same side, in understanding that we all have feelings, insecurities, stories, history, and hearts. We should support one another not tear each other down. RIGHT?

So, let's take this little story/ranting/venting as a lesson. Lesson no.1 don't ask personal questions to someone you don't know on a personal level. Lesson no. 2 NEVER ever, under any circumstance ask a woman if she is expecting a child unless you are 110% sure. Lesson no. 3 and this may be the most important of all the lessons we're going to learn about tonight, ALWAYS THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK. Lesson no. 4 be humble, be kind, and for heavens sake be loving all the time!

Thanks for letting me get that all off my chest I feel like a million times better!


Anonymous said...

We all need to vent time to time. And you are not alone in this situation. Once, I was wearing a loose fitting shirt one day when a gentleman told my husband and I congratulations and asked when I was due. I felt so humiliated and defeated. I guess people really don't think before they speak.

semmelantiques said...

Mandy..first of all I want to say you are adorable and looked wonderful at crazy days. But I totally understand what you mean about wanting people to think before they speak, I know you and I used to be suprised at the things people will say when you work with the public. Don't think about her statement again, I believe our enemy wants us women to ponder on the things we hate about ourselves because it takes some of our power away. I am trying to remind myself each day God made me this way (thick middle and all) and I am going to go out and do His work in His kingdom. Satan wants to tear down and isolate, God builds up.....only listen to the voice that builds up! love you girl
ps you can rant is good for the soul! :)

Myya said...

WHAT??? You don't look pregnant AT ALL!!! I would be ohhh so happy to have your body. People are just not very smart, they absolutely need to think before they speak. Grat rant post!!!

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on your blog while taking a break at work and it couldn't have happened at a better time. I'm a nurse, so I wear the oh-so-sexy and flattering scrubs everyday. Just yesterday and total stranger said to me, "So it looks like congratulations are in order"... My mouth dropped open as I processed what she just said. My response was the same as yours, just a bunch of umms and ohs.

Anonymous said...

I have just added this post to facebook :)