Monday, July 26, 2010


Mr. Liam

Mr. Logan

Hands down the best part of our trip (sorry everybody) was spending time with our adorable nephews/cousins (coosins as Meritt calls them). We cuddled them, fed them, swam with them, giggled with them, and loved on them every minute we could. We are all so very thankful that these two little guys are here and healthy, chubby, wonderful 8 month olds. It wasn't that long ago we were scared to death that they might not make it, or that they would come so early that they may have problems. So, to see them now, all 22lbs each of them, we feel like our family is extremely blessed! I know I'm pretty bias, but aren't they cute??!!


Myya said...

YES they sure are! Cousins are so wonderful to have, bummer these adorable little guys aren't a little closer though :(

Anonymous said...

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