Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the best kind of evening...

Sometimes when you're not looking, not waiting, not planning, the best things are able to cultivate. To happen. To be. They happen organically and authentically. You at this moment, are able to simply live in the moment. These are my very most favorite kind of moments.

This evening was that kind of evening. That kind of moment.
Simple. Pure. Good. Easy. Just right.

This afternoon went well. Meritt took a good nap without fight. Bella took a rest, and so did I. We got up, and everyone was happy. The girls decided to have a tea party. They dressed for the occasion. We made real tea. Bella made bite sized snacks. Tea was served promptly at 4:30. They were so cute. I was peaking in on them. Dressed like little princess fairies, eating and drinking their tea out in the garden. Their conversation was priceless. I decided to let them be. I went in to get my own things done, and before I knew it Matt was home from work.

I hadn't even looked at the clock after tea was served at 4:30... so dinner was not made, prepped, thought of, or even started. So, Matt said well why don't we go get something... what sounds good? Mmmm I said, Cafe Yumm. My favorite! The girls love it too. It's this really yummy organic/local restaurant we love over in Corvallis. We had an errand we had been needing to run over there so it worked out perfectly. We went and had dinner. It was so yummy. Everyone loved it, ate well, and got along. We had some funny discussions about our upcoming trip to California, and then we were off to do our errands.

Matt and Meritt went to one shop, Bella and I to another. Guess who was done first? Of course Matt and Meritt. In and out. They don't mess around. Bella and I weren't done, and we were having fun shopping just her and I, so I suggested that Matt and Meritt wait for us in the car. They were both elated with the possibility and permission to go play on the i-phone, listen to music, and play in mommies lip glosses! Meanwhile Bella helped me pick some sunglasses for our trip, and we both were having fun trying on all the goofy ones! We decided we better go see what our other two were up to, so we wrapped up our shopping and set out for the car.

On the way home, there were belly laughs coming from the backseat... I swear that may simply be the best sound on earth. (it's tied for silence!:)) Anyways, we got home and the girls hopped into a bubble bath, and Matt and I did some gardening. The girls were having so much fun 'snorkeling' that they spent a little over an hour in the tub. Matt and I were soaking up our peaceful togetherness in our yard. (I love doing yard work with him) Sometimes I forget how much fun he and I have when it's just the two of us! It was nice to have an unexpected reminder of this! Next, was bedtime for the girls. Then, Matt, Buddy (the kitten), and I snuggled on the sofa and watched a bit of TV.

Now, all three of my loves, and my three little fur balls are all sleeping soundly, and I am left with a grateful feeling for this life I have been so richly blessed with! I hope these are the kind of memories the girls remember when they look back on their childhoods. The simple, good things, of life and love, that make up a family. I know these are the memories I will remember and look back at with simple fondness!

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