Thursday, July 1, 2010

i need help, and quick...

Here's what happened:

The girls and I were waiting in a checkout line, and we got to talking. Talking about our upcoming yard sale we're having. They want to have a lemonade stand. After thinking about the idea I'm great about it, but I want them to donate the money, and not keep it. (because there is nothing they NEED) (because I want them to learn about giving to someone or something else) After giving this some thought, I decided to mention and suggest they give their earning to Safe Haven, our local animal shelter. They are both crazy for animals (as all kids are I'm sure) I know that this is a charity that can actually have meaning for them. So anyway, as we were in the checkout line, I made my suggestion, unsure of how my idea would be accepted. Much to my surprise, there was no hesitation or resistance, I was met with excitement at the idea. So, while we were already close by Safe Haven, I decided the best way to answer the questions accurately, would be to go visit, the shelter, and the animals.

So, as we got into the car we had an in depth conversation about what to expect, and then it was off to Safe Haven for a visit.

I have to say as an animal lover myself, it was heartbreaking to see how many sweet animals are in need of love, and a place to call home.

So, you know what comes next right???
We saw a kitty.
A sweet little kitten, that I think may have our name on it.
I had told Bella last summer that we could think about an outside cat, one of these summers when they were a little older.

But, we left the shelter this afternoon without any fights, begging, or even a tantrum.

As we were driving home, Bella asked some really deep thinking questions. I was actually really impressed. After a while in the car, she asked me if she could save her money for a kitten for the "whole family". I told her that was something we would have to discuss as a family, and definitely talk over with daddy!

Here's the plus sides:
~I would love my kids to have the opportunity to learn to nurture and care for something that was dependant of their care.
~I raised many, many kittens growing up, and it really helped me learn responsibility.
~Bella has been an amazing kid lately, did amazingly in school this last year, and rarely if ever asks for anything.
~The shelter is having a "sale" on adoptions this holiday weekend.
~Bella already had enough $ to buy it, while the sale is going.
~The shelter provides, microchip, spaying, and vaccinations with the adoption.
~Adopting an animal that might otherwise not find a home feels like a great thing to do!
~The little kitty we fell in love with is SO SWEET.

Here's the downside:

~Not sure we need anything else to take care of.
~It's one more mouth to feed.
~Trying to decide whether to put heart before head, or head before heart.

So, can you see my dilemma??? I need advise, and thoughts on this matter ASAP! Please help... what should I do? Do I give my kids this opportunity, as I was able to have growing up, or do I play it safe, and say enough is enough??? I am so bad. I always feel like there is always more room for more to love. Help, what's a mama to do?

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semmelantiques said...

Well my response may suprise you. As my children were growing up I was not a huge fan of animals...I myself am not a huge animal person, this is something I look back on and have some regrets. We have a dog in our home right now, she is Brittany's dog and after much protest I allowed her....I have to say she has really given alot of love to the family, and it has taught Britt alot of responsibility about I say go for it. And little children with animals...priceless!