Thursday, July 16, 2009


Today I will be happy. Despite my lack of sleep. Yes, still having problems with Miss Meritt. Matt drove 45 minutes yesterday to locate a crib tent. Turns out a crib tent is exactly what we needed to keep our little monkey in her bed. So, things are looking up on that front. Even though I wasn't dealing with a roaming two year old in the middle of the night last night, I was dealing with something else. I have started a new medication for my Fybromyalgia which seems to be working amazingly for my pain, which is an amazing blessing. However, it isn't helping in my sleep department. The side effects are harsh. The worse of these, the night sweats. Yuck. I hate it! I wake up every night sometimes a few times drenched and cold. Shivering like it's February, and I'm sleeping outside. I am hoping the side effects will lessen with time, because this is no fun. The rest of life is good, great even. It's just amazing how much sleep effects you. Especially with patience when dealing with your children. Today I pray for patience and kindness to fill my soul, and peaceful sleep tonight!
(maybe the bird has the right idea, the key to happiness... FRENCH FRIES!)

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