Friday, July 17, 2009

my blog...

When Meritt was about six months old I realized I was doing a terrible job of documenting her baby-hood. I just didn't have the time to pull out the baby book and write down all the little details like I did when Bella was a baby. I had this flash of her asking me why she didn't have a baby book someday, and I thought to myself... there must be a way to document what's happening in our lives in a more interesting way than pen and paper. At the same time I was trying to keep all the family and friends that live far connected to our lives, so that they could watch the girls grow up from a distance. I know that it's really hard on Matt's family especially to be so far away from us (and us from them). So, I started my blog.
Blogging has opened up something for me that I forgot about in the hustle and bustle of life. My love of writing. Since I was small I had always kept a journal, it has always been an outlet for me to put pen to paper and write down my feelings and thoughts. Somewhere between the responsibilities of life and busyness. I forgot how simple and satisfying putting your thoughts into words can be. I love that someday my girls will be able to go back and read my words, my thoughts... all the little funny things that happened in their life at certain points in time. So, in starting this blog for my girls and for family... I have really opened up many things for myself that I didn't even know I needed. Someday when my girls are grown, not only can they look back, but so can I.

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