Wednesday, July 15, 2009


We have no big plans for summer. No trips planned, no preconceived ideas of what the summer will hold, and it feels so good! I can't think back to a summer that wasn't jam packed with have-to's and plans. As far back as I can think there has been something; weddings, store happenings, babies, projects, remodels, and general over committing.

Not this summer. I have been practicing a word it's the word "NO". Of course as kindly as possible!:) And, again it feels so good! I am enjoying the little things. I am enjoying days at home. Being outside. My Girls. Family. Going where the day leads.

There are a few things I would like to do this summer before it's over,
(and it's flying by isn't it?!)
I would like to...
Go to Wings of Wonder in Independence
Go to the Wild Life Safari
Ride the paddle boats at Waverly Park
Have picnics at the park
Throw a baby shower for Kelli and new baby Annibell on the way
Take Walks
Play at the park
Go see at least one concert at the park
Visit the Mt. Hood Area
Take a beach trip
Take the girls to ride a horse
Swimming lessons
Eat Ice cream
Eat Outside A LOT
Visit the farm stand weekly
Have play dates with friends - kid friends and grown up friends
eat lots of fresh local produce
Get good family photos taken
Read books & visit the library often
Cool Pool Time

So, it sounds like there is a few things to do this summer after all!
But, at least they all sound like fun!
(there may be a few to-do's I didn't mention that won't be quite as fun...)
(but, we don't need to talk about those!)

I hope you have a fun summer planned!

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