Tuesday, July 14, 2009

the escape artist...

As I said in yesterday's post, Meritt has discovered how to climb out of her crib. So, we are faced with a bit of a dilemma... and the dilemma is what do we do now? There is no way she would stay in a real bed either, although that would be the logical next step. Last night was a rough night at our house. Two and a half hours of Meritt jumping ship to then be brought back, to then repeat the process all over again. We've tried yelling, a swat, & time-outs; fear tactics seem to have no impact what so ever. Honestly I think all she wanted was to cuddle. She wanted mama. Which made me sad, and still leaves me feeling a bit like a failure the morning after. I felt like if I gave in and cuddled and loved on her that I would be giving in to her behavior. I don't want to make this stage any harder than it needs to be by doing the wrong thing. My question today is... what is the right discipline in this situation? The even bigger question is how do you effectively discipline a two year old?

Meritt is so different than Bella was at this age, I almost feel like I'm starting the learning process all over again. Bella was a scardy cat. Meritt a dare devil. Bella was a drama queen, much more emotionally trying. She was and is stubborn, and wants to be in control. Meritt, on the other hand doesn't seem to be as emotionally trying, she is physically trying. She also tugs on my heart strings, because she just wants to love you. She wants cuddles, and rocking, and singing to. She has always gone to bed like a dream, she hasn't always stayed that way, but she has always gone to bed easily. (for the most part)

I just don't know what to do. I am tired. I know this too shall pass and it won't last forever. I just want so badly to find the balance between breaking her spirit and babying her. Because although she is still my baby... she isn't really a baby anymore, it's time for her to learn how to be a big kid. That's our job, to make independent kids who turn into independent people.

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