Friday, July 3, 2009


We got an awesome gift sent
from Matt's folks in California for the girls...
For the girls Easter gift they sent
a Butterfly kit and book,
so we could learn how to grow our own
It was so fun!
You get a coupon to send off when you get your kit,
and you send it off and in about 3 weeks you
are sent your very own butterfly larvae.
Follow the directions and in about 2-3 weeks
Painted lady butterflies!
You can find this online at the company store...
Amazon for a little less.

There is a great website from the maker of this kit
that's also a lot of fun for the kiddos...
Check it out...
they have games, and all kinds of educational things to
learn all about butterflies, frogs, and creepie crawlies!
I highly recommend this as a gift idea if you have
little ones or grand babies!
I love to find educational and fun things like this!

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