Monday, July 13, 2009

I made it!

It's Monday again... I made it! Made it through Crazy Days at the shop. It's just what it sounds like.... CRAZY. We have a really great group of girls that work with us. Kind husbands that help haul all the stuff back inside at the end of the day. We have found an awesome babysitter that handles 10-12 hour days with the girls just fine, and after 9 years in business we (almost) have a system to our madness! Just wanted to say thanks to my mom for pulling more than her weight, I know it's not always easy. It's a job that goes without a lot of thanks, but I am thankful for all you do!

This weekend Meritt also discovered how to climb out of the crib....... oh no. That was the only safe place I had left. Any advise out there on how to keep her contained would be really appreciated!

Today, I hope to get caught up. Cleaning, errands, hopefully some food shopping, and my biggest hope of all is that I can take a nap when Meritt does (if she stays in bed).

Happy Monday!

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