Thursday, June 10, 2010


Sorry folks, I need to vent.
My girl Meritt has tested me to no end today. Okay, maybe the last three days?!
Want to hear how my morning started???
Pretty normally actually.
Woke Up, got Bella ready for school, ate some oatmeal, drank my big "good morning" mug full of hot steamy coffee... Matt was going in late this morning to work due to having to work late, so after we got Bella off to school we were visiting. We asked Meritt to go play. She went up stairs. There were a few thuds and thunks from upstairs. I called up the stairs and said "Meritt, what are you doing?" She called down that she was "playing with the hoseys".
Woo Hoo...
Quiet to enjoy my coffee. visit with my honey, and ease into the day.

A few minutes later here comes Meritt downstairs covered in paint.
I said "Meritt Rose, what have you done?"
She replied... "Me paintin the hoseys"
Where were you painting Meritt???
"Bell-ya's Room"
Meritt you know we don't paint upstairs do we?
"No, we paint at the table"
Right, so why did you paint upstairs in Bella's room?
"Me don't know"
"Me like it"
Did you get paint on anything you weren't supposed to?
"I don't know how to say it"
Where did you paint at in Bella's room, the desk...
"No, Bell-ya's rug"

I'm thinking that after last weeks green crayon in the dryer with my cream colored slipcovers, and the paint I have been cleaning off of Bella's Wool rug... I should seriously consider going into some kind of stain removal business.

Three is hard.
It doesn't end there though.
Later in the day, while at the shop working with a sales rep in the back room, guess what girl, while pretending to ride "hoseys" knocked over a whole rounder of clothing?

Yup, you guessed correctly it was Meritt.
It didn't get much better after that. Sorry to say.
Good thing I love her.
Because otherwise... God help her, she would be sent far far away.

I'm tired.
Feeling a bit beat down.
It's exhausting to take her anywhere, with anybody, ever...
But, it's far too depressing to stay home all the time, so I just keep pressing on.
I told my friend today, that God doesn't give us more than we can handle.
That's true right?


Myya said...

I'm wondering if your Miss Meritt & my Aziza share secrets for getting to Mommy. Z is definitely my "challenge" and you are right, just keep doing what you do, pressing on & not secluding yourself at home because gosh darnit they are not going to get the better of us!!! Hang in there!

Mandy said...

Thanks Myya. Glad to know I'm not alone in this! Thanks for listening to me vent!

Sandy said...

You are the best Mom,I hope you know that! Think of the stories you'll tell Meritt's babies! :)

semmelantiques said...

don't know it you got the green crayon off...but hair spray in the can works wonders...believe me I have had experience in that area. And tell me why the crayon always gets in the load that has the best clothes in it...or something we totally adore. And for future reference windex works wonders on red lipstick on white those were the days. Keep smiling, you will laugh about this I promise.

Anonymous said...

Mandy you inspire me everyday. Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. I know I haven't been where you are yet but I do know that sometimes being a mom is very very hard. I mean it's hard to be a good mom, a great mom and that's exactly what you are.... GREAT. It's easy to forget that when you have a 3 year old who's painting carpet (small chuckle) so I just wanted to remind you. I can only hope that I'm as good of, as great of a mother as you are. I wish we lived closer we could trade 2 six month old babies for one Merritt once in awhile :-) miss you and love you lots----- auntie TT