Friday, June 4, 2010

places that inspire me...

There are places out there in this little internet world that I find inspiring...
I thought I'd share them with you.
Just in case you are in need of a little bit of Friday inspiration!

First I'll start with Fashion Love... Check out these fabulous sites!

Ruche {a new favorite!}
anthropologie {my all time favorite}
Lime Ricki {bathing suit love}
Etsy {fabulous handmade things!}

Blog love, these are the blogs I love to read...

Just Us
Dreams of a Country Girl
Mt. Hope
Life in Grace
Heather Bullard
The Nesting Place
The Farm Chicks
High Heels in the Barn
imagine childhood


Myya Says...
Your Street Photography
A day in the life of...
A love Story
Shana's Stories

Organic Love...

Simple Organic
shop imagine childhood
Food Renegade
Natural Kids
eat well guide
Organic Authority

Hope you enjoy!
Have a happy weekend.

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