Wednesday, June 30, 2010

happily grateful...

Do you ever wake up plain old happy?
More aware of the little things...
This morning as I awoke, I was overwhelmed with this sense of gratefulness.
I am just so happy for this life that God has given me.
My blessings overflowing.
I am more than thankful for this!

I am loved, saved, and forgiven, by Jesus.
Each and everyday is new, full of fresh possibilities!
I have an amazing husband, who is my partner in this life. I am so lucky for that.
I have two amazing little girls, who bring me more joy than I ever knew existed.
I live in my dream home... it wraps it arms around me and gives me comfort.
I have wonderful, involved, and supportive parents.
An extended family that are my roots as well as my wings.
Friends who love me.
Chance and opportunity to be and do what ever I want each day.

I am just so happily grateful for my life.
I am grateful even for the chaos, the craziness, and the stresses.
God is so good.
The sun is shining down on us today, what will we make of it?

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