Thursday, March 31, 2011

we've been under the weather...

Mama and Meritt

This is what we looked like the day before the 'CRUD' as I've affectionately named it HIT. We were happy, we were carefree... I made the BIG mistake of saying something you should absolutely, never say, under ANY circumstances. That is... 'Man we haven't been sick for a really long time.' - 'Boy we've been lucky this year'. All I have to say is, BOY I'M STUPID! Never gonna say that again.

Because it must have heard it's call.
By the next day we were on the road to our whole family being:

Under the weather

The first Man down was miss Meritt. Who had more snot come out of her than I even knew to be possible. We needed a bucket to catch it!

Then came her sister, who got all sorts of crabby on us, because it was her Spring Break, and it wasn't FAIR.

(Tell me about it... FAIR is definitely not being cooped up in a house with two sick kids during Spring Break - I AGREE!)

The good news is, we had no real plans for Spring Break, so staying in the house wasn't too big of a deal, other than the sheer sanity factor.

The next Man down was Matt, who bless his heart got double ear infections, during his marathon work schedule. His eardrum burst, and now cannot hear, but still has to work 6 days a week around 11ish hours a day. Things have gotten so bad with his hearing, that he has been to the Doctor twice, is now on his second dose of antibiotics, and the girls at his work have had to resort to making BIG signs to hold up across the office for when they need his attention.

So, if your doing your math, that is two sick kids, during Spring Break, one sick husband gone all the time, and one mom left standing.

By this point anyone who knows us was too scared to even come by our home, for fear they would catch the 'CRUD'...

Yay. Fun TIMES!!!
By Saturday, the FOURTH MAN WENT DOWN.
YEP, I got sick too.
Thankfully by the weekend the children were better and my parents took pity on us, and would take the children to entertain them so we could sleep. Although they still wouldn't come in the house, can you believe that :)? How rude... (just kidding)

Mine has lingered all week, although I have now concocted a cocktail of cold medicines that make it easier to make it through the day. Let's see: I am taking, cough syrup, an inhaler, nasal spray, suddafed, aleve, and some vitamins. Seems to be at least making me feel semi human!

I apologize for not being a very good blogger lately.
I haven't been posting too regularly, and I have had nothing very exciting to share.
Sorry, but when the highlight of your day is nap time it doesn't leave you with much material to work with!

I'll try to come up with something great really soon!
I promise!!!
Anything you'd like me to talk about or show you... ask away. Give me a question or an idea and I'll do my best to answer it!

I hope you have been healthy and happy!


Nelly said...

Poor you.We also get iot it turns being so many of us seems someone always has something.Its amazing that sickness is the only thing they share without fighting about it lol

Shelley said...

praying for your family. we have all been sharing our bugs since the first of jan too !! jude last week..hubby this week. I refuse to get sick !

Shana said...

YUCK! No fun at all! All 3 of my girls were sick over spring break also but we had plans so they got dosed up with Tylenol and off we went. They still had a great time but it would've been even better healthy!

Myya said...

Uggghhh the crud hit us too. I am REALLY looking forward to sunshine so maybe the sick bugs will die off & not come back! Hope you all are better now.