Friday, March 25, 2011


...laundry is a never ending job at my house.

a while back I was reading a blog (i don't remember which one) it was one focused on living green. (which I'm all for) She was saying that to reduce water use in her house. Each family member has 3-4 outfits total, bathes twice a week, and re-uses towels for at least a week... they wash bedding once a month, and other 'necessary' items once a month as well.

Now, I'm sorry... I'm not trying to make a judgement here, but is that nuts?
While I can see how that would reduce water usage, and maybe even cure the never ending battle most of us moms face on keeping up with the laundry. But, whoa. I don't think I'd want to smell those sheets. Just sayin'

With my kids it almost seems impossible to keep them in the same outfit for an entire day. No matter how hard we seem to try, someone always gets dirty. Either with art supplies, food, playing outside, school, etc. As far as the bathing goes, we all do it everyday. The girls occasionally go a day in between, but usually every day. Towels, those last more than one use (most of the time). Sheets and bedding get washed every week... and then there's tea towels, doggy bedding, rugs, curtains, slip covers, and other 'stuff' that needs to be washed.

Between all of that there is always laundry to do. I don't really mind the washing, the folding is okay, but Ahhhh the putting it away, it kills me. Never ending I tell you.

Just about the time I think it's finally done. I turn around twice, and there it is again.

So, here is my question for you???
What's your laundry system?
Are you more like me or the green mom with 3 outfits each?... or are you somewhere in between?

My mom used to tell me, that when I had to do my own laundry someday that I wouldn't have nearly as much... boy was she wrong.

On the bright side, I have a lovely new washer and dryer that make my life much more lovely... and I am not doing laundry in a dungeon anymore. So, there is always a bright side to be thankful for!

Do you have some great laundry advice or system I need to know about? Or are you in the same boat I'm in?


Shelley said...

oh wowzie...i do so much laundry I am embarrassed to tell you about it. lets just say...we dont conserve water via my laundry habits.

Tamara said...

how i'm reading this i'm up early trying to get all of our laundry done before we go out of town for the night. let's see i'm on load 4 of about 10 and that's for 3 people. so...i know i don't fall into the "green" category. {for laundry...i try hard in other areas!} yep...i'm in the same boat. :)

Shana said...

I couldn't even imagine not bathing everyday or having only 4 outfits! My girls are all about picking out their own clothes now and I must say I do love seeing what they come up with. I am working on getting the girls to wear their jammies more then once, but like you laundry is NEVER ending!

life chasers said...

um ya, not so green here! bath/showers every day, new towel, clean sheets once a week, and at LEAST one outfit a day for my daughter. it's important to me that my kid smells good.
you aren't crazy :)