Friday, March 4, 2011

look for the rainbow!


It has been rainy, cold, snowing, drizzling, windy, or yucky here for a L O N G time. I am pretty over this weather. It's March. I'm ready for some sunshine. Some warmth. I would like to get out in my garden and dig in the dirt. My kids are more than ready to play outside for longer than 10 minutes, and even the animals are getting a bit stir crazy.

According to the weather man, I don't think my wish is coming true any time soon, so I'm needing to see the bright side of things instead. I'm thinking some hot tea, a cozy blanket, a cat nap, and some cuddles with my oh so lovey lovey doggy Lola. So, maybe rainy days aren't all bad. I love that they give you an excuse to throw on Uggs, turn up the heat, cozy in the house, and NEST! I have a few hours to enjoy all of that, and then I will have 4 girls inside my house for a play date! Maybe we'll make rainbows??? What do you think? That might make us feel a little sunnier on a cool, rainy, March day!

Happy Friday, I hope you too look for the rainbows in life and forget about the rain!


Shelley said...

we have been making all kinds of rainbows to hang up in the new playroom...come visit us..the sun has been shining brightly for days !

Myya said...

I love playdates! I say bring on the sunshine, I'm ready for it too!!!

NEST??? Anything meant by that???

Bella Rose said...

Myya- No baby nesting here... glad to say we're out of our baby day's in our house! (not that another baby would be a sad thing, but not likely in our cards!) I didn't even think about using the word 'nesting' as a refrence to babies... ;) I say I'm nesting all the time, I think because I'm the mama bird in our home!

Bella Rose said...

Shelley- how far do you live??? Sunshine sounds really good right about now! I think we need to make rainbows too for our art room!