Tuesday, March 22, 2011



Finally.... we got a sliver of sunshine today.
Ahhhh. It was so good!
It's amazing, I'm a true Oregonian through and through, but I tell you what, this year the non-stop rain is getting to me.
I am ready for some warmth on my skin, sunshine on my face, and dirt in between my fingers!

spring porch

Today has given me a bit of inspiration to spruce things up around these parts. Time to get rid of the drab old winter stuff, and get ready to jump into Spring!

Love these two photos! (I don't know the source, sorry, googled some spring inspiration!)

Don't you want that chalk board???
I'm thinking a trip to the thrift stores or a few antique shops may be in my future to find a great frame to turn into a chalk board! I think this look would be awesome inside or out! What do you think? Are you ready for Spring???


Nelly said...

How about I send you some of our warm for a bit of your cool? LOL its way tooo hot here at the moment but at least we have a breeze today yay

Shelley said...

complete beautifulness..haha..not a word but i am making it a word. i am so ready to go antiquing and for a little bit of spring myself. we have had storms here for last 2 weeks.

Krista said...

those are beautiful pictures! I'm with you, this constant rain this year has really taken a toll. I'm ready to run without gloves and a hat and not worry about drowing in mud puddles!

Cherish Stockdale said...

i totally want that chalkboard! love!!

Dad said...

I might be able to make a chalkboard like this, if we find the parts.