Wednesday, November 17, 2010

thankfulness challenge 2010 - day 6...


Okay, so if I am keeping it real, today it's hard to think about what to be thankful for. Life has kind of been raining down on me lately, and quite frankly I'm ready for it to stop. We've been dealing with taking care of my grandma and her failing health, I've been dealing with a few of my own health issues that the doctors are having a hard time diagnosing, and today after visiting with a Speech Therapist, I found out that Meritt's speech and language development is severely delayed, and will be needing private, weekly therapy - (aka $$$$$).

Money has been really tight this last year or maybe two... it's hard to keep track. It's been one of those years where when it rains it pours. Matt's employer was bought out, thus changing his pay. Our washer and dryer bit the dust, our vacuum bit the dust, our dishwasher bit the dust, we were in completion mode of our basement, we had a major water leak in our irrigation system... well you get it, the list goes on and on. It's life, right???

Sometimes, when all of these things pile up around your ears it's hard to remember the good. It's hard to feel thankful in the midst of the stress, that it all causes. The truth is that you do what you can, you work hard, and take things one day at a time, and as they come.

The bottom line truth is, our family is blessed. Compared to others out there struggling to keep food on the table and roofs over their children's heads, we are BLESSED! We can keep figuring out how to do with less 'stuff'... because our blessings don't come from the 'stuff' - but from each other!

So today, even though I am feeling stressed, and anxious, and like my blessings are sitting out in the fog at the moment. I am going to keep walking through that fog until the blessings are clear.

I am thankful for:
Having jobs
Health Insurance - even if it's not the best in the world, it's better than not!
Our overall health
Our warm house
Food in the fridge
...and all of the love I have in my life!

I know that this post wasn't very rosy...
But, it's real.
It's stuff that we all face, and deal with, and I think it's so important to be able to see all of the good in spite of the bad that may be happening. Don't you agree? God is great, and I know that he will NEVER give me (us) more than I (we) can handle or bear. His faithfulness is abundant! His lessons are infinite!


Myya said...

The economy has not been good to us in the last few years & it has really forced us to downsize our spending & really concentrate on the true needs. Within all of that though it has helped us be reminded of the great things we do have also. It is always nice to read posts where people are real. It reminds us all that we all at one point or another can deal with the very same things as another.
I love that sign... did you pull it off the web or do you actually own it?

Bella Rose said...

I love that sign too. Sadly it's not mine, I grabbed it off google images.

Yes, it is always nice to know real life is real for all of us!!! There is something comforting about knowing we're all in it together!