Monday, November 8, 2010

Market of Choice

We live in a fairly small area. We don't have all of the variety of shops that say a larger city might be able to provide. But, even though we live in a fairly small, farming community, there are still big changes, and good things on the horizon all around us. There are more and more people like me and my family that feel that it is increasingly important to educate ourselves about what we put into our bodies and where are food is coming from. People also realize that we need to keep things local and sustainable to keep our earth, and people healthy! Our little community just got a Market of Choice grocery store. Saturday afternoon we piled in Sassy (our little VW) and went to check it out for ourselves... WOW... it is great! Finally, we have really needed a place to shop like this! Now maybe I won't have to go to 5 places just to get everything I need. (Maybe!) It's definitely a step in the right direction! If you live in the Albany/Corvallis area you should really go check it out. Make change part of your routine! Every little change we make in the right direction makes a HUGE difference!

Here is a little snippet from their website to tell you a little bit about what they are about!

At Market of Choice, we do our best to walk the talk. That means striving for sustainability by meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. From packaging and composting to biodegradable bags and solar power, we continuously work to achieve that goal.

It begins with the products we carry, the materials we recycle, and the choices we offer customers. It’s also about buying local. Buying local simply means purchasing food, or any product or service that is produced, grown, or raised as close to your home as possible. We support local vendors, so that you can too.

But it doesn't end there. Being sustainable also means investing in people, who in turn, invest in their community. We truly believe that paying our employees living wages and offering comprehensive benefits is an investment in our community. We can achieve even more, with your help. If you have an idea, contact us! We’ll consider them with care.

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