Friday, November 26, 2010

14 day thankfulness challenge 2010 - day 14(ish)...

Day 14 (a day late). Before our Thanksgiving festivities began yesterday my plan was to document our Thanksgiving with pictures, and then share them here with you for day 14. Then, 3/4 of the way through the day, cooking, dinner, and visiting, I realized my camera never even made it our of it's bag.

At first I was really upset with myself, because I know I could have gotten some beautiful pictures to share with you all.

Then, I realized something...
I was so involved in living in the moment, that I didn't even stop to think otherwise. That's a beautiful thing. Yesterday was a beautiful day. Matt and I and the girls spent a leisurely morning and early afternoon cleaning up, cooking, and resting before our guests came. Then we ate a beautiful meal with family and a friend. Visited, and ate yummy dessert. We watched football, and a movie, and spent good, plain, wonderful family time.

No, I didn't document the day behind my camera lens.
Instead I documented the day in my memory and enjoyed every moment.
At the end of the day that's how we should live our lives, enjoying the moment.
For this I am so thankful.
I realize I have so much to be thankful for in my life...
I am totally content!

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Myya said...

It is almost better when you forget about the camera isn't it! Sometimes I get so involved in wanting to photo document stuff that I get away from actually being involved in it. You said it beautifully!