Tuesday, April 20, 2010

totally random thoughts...

Here I sit totally enjoying the fact that my girls are asleep (finally) and that Matt is off with his boys playing basketball.

I hate to say it but, sometimes it's so nice to be alone.

Hear yourself think. Breathe. Veg. Be. Waste time blogging.
Don't you think?

My head is pounding... it's been a long day (maybe two)!
Working with my Meritt girl in tow is HARD. I am thankful I don't have to do that everyday anymore. Holy Cow, how did I do that for as long as I did? It's a miracle I stayed sane... did I stay sane, or was I silently just going crazy? Hm mm. I vote for the later part of that sentence!

Meritt is very 3!!! She is a lot of work right now. Something tells me this girl just may be a handful for the rest of her life! Good thing she is so cotton picken cute and sweet, or let me tell you, she would have been dropped off on someone else's door step a while back. I keep trying to remind myself... Consistency, Consistency, Consistency. You can't expect her not to yell, if you are yelling at her. Boy that one is easier said than done! My voice just doesn't seem to be heard unless it's yelling, why is that???

On a totally separate note, what do you all think of American Idol this season? It is less than impressive to me... They hyped it up as the best season of all... No, Simon, Cara, Ellen, and Randy, I disagree. Random people, random songs, random moments of good. But NOT the best season. In fact I hate to say it, but I think Idol is on it's way out. Anyone else??? Or is it just me?

Guess what I get to do this weekend, that I am SO LOOKING forward to? We are going to spend the weekend at the beach, as an early birthday thing with my big brother. He rented us an awesome beach house, and I am just so looking forward to hanging out with my whole family for more than a day. The last time my parents, us, and my brother were together for longer than a day-ish visit, was probably when we all lived together, and that was a long time ago. I will take lots of pictures, that I will be happy as a clam to share when we get back. I just can't wait! My girls are so excited that you would think Christmas has come again. Meritt was singing "Uncle Ansen, Uncle Ansen, I love Uncle Ansen at the Beach"... all during dinner, how sweet is that?

So, the rest of this week is going to be busy! Getting ready to leave for the beach, school carnivals, meetings with sales reps, grocery shopping, packing, haircuts, lining up everything to leave Emma with her puppy sitter, and I'm sure a hundred other things I can't even think up at this moment! (probably real glamorous stuff like laundry, and scrubbing toilets, vacuuming, and other fun stuff!)

Well, there you go. Those are my random thoughts for the moment.

Life is good.

I am grateful.

God is good.

He never gives me more than I can handle! (thank goodness)

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Myya said...

I love how you always tell it how it is. Not sugar coating, just real life stuff! My #2 Miss Z is also very HARD. I too think she just might always be. I refer to her sometimes as "my challange" oh & I totally agree... thank goodness she is so stinkin cute! About the whole Idol thing... I think I have to agree with you. Nothing totally blowing me away. A few good people with some good performances here & there but nothing consistant & nothing amazing.
Have a wonderful time at the beach. I'm sure your girls will have a blast! My sisters & I (and our kids too of course) get to spend 4 days at the beach with my mom in June. We haven't really spent much more then here & there time with her in sooo long. Family time is the best!