Monday, April 19, 2010

meet "sassy"... my new ride!

Remember yesterday when I said I wonder what else God had in store for me for the day...?
Well, it included this.
My new ride, I named her sassy.
Traded my gas guzzling SUV/Crossover in for this:
a 2010 VW jetta sport wagon TDI
- getting somewhere between 35-50 MPG
another step in the right direction.
She is so cute! I love her. VW is in my soul!!!
My first car was a '67 bug,
this and the VW we bought for Matt yesterday will make this 6 VW's now.
Do you want to know the absolute best part???
This afforded us the ability to buy Matthew a newer car,
(like almost 10 years newer)
and now I know that he's safe!
That makes my heart soar high!
(especially with his new job that is requiring him lots more traveling!)
So, that was my yesterday... how was yours???
***Just want to say a HUGE thank you to my mama and daddy for watching the girls while we were literally at the dealership for more than 8 hours... what a long day! Thank you for being such amazing grandparents/parents. I have no idea what we would ever do without you two!!! You are so important to us, and the girls, and thank you just isn't enough! But for now I guess it will have to do! We love you and are so grateful for such involved and loving support in our lives!***


Shana said...

I love it! It is so cute and the name is adorable!

semmelantiques said...

She is pretty...oh the smell, touch and feeling of a new happy for you!!!

Myya said...

Perty Perty Perty!!! I need a bigger car... we are on the lookout. Soooo wish I could afford the beauty you got, espeically at how great the gas milage is. Ahhhh one day : ) Enjoy your new ride... and Matt's too. Booo on being at the dealer for so long but Yippee for coming out with something new & fun!!!

Coco Loco said...

How wonderful for you guys! What a great looking car. And the fact that it gets such great gas mileage is so awesome!

Anonymous said...

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Erwin Calverley said...
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