Wednesday, April 14, 2010

going organic

So, when our family made the decision to go organic/local in our home we caught a lot of criticism and doubt... things like "we'll see how long that will last" and "right, that will stick" were some of the things that people said. We also got things like, you know you can't make a change... right? All I have to say to all of that is this; no, we alone will not make a change, but even if everyone changes the way they think just a bit, it can make a BIG change. If we don't start to change our thinking, our eating, and our educating about what we put in our bodies, our children and their children will have a bleak future!

I am proud to say that our family has stuck to our commitment to becoming organic. It has taken new thoughts, change in habit, re-educating ourselves, and a little more planning... but it feels great! My grocery shopping habit is probably what has changed the most. I have to plan more, spend a bit more, and go a few more places, to get everything I need, but now that I have been doing it a while, it is becoming easier and easier. 50% of my shopping is done at Trader Joes, 25% is done at Costco, and the other 25% is done at the Grocery Outlet (they have great prices on organic products!) I'm also getting ready to plant my garden for the summer, and am looking forward to teaching the girls a lot more about gardening as well as farming as the summer goes on. I am also glad and excited that the Farmers Market will be back here soon, as well as our favorite farms stands opening back up for the season!

The hardest part of this change has probably been eating out, although we have found several great options locally that we love. Some we already loved like Burgerville... (as a "happy meal" alternative) and new places that are great like, Cafe Yumm (in Corvallis), and First Burger (in downtown in Albany). The other down side is the cost. It is quite a bit more expensive to eat all organic/local. But, like anything, if it is important enough, you make it work. We have had to give some things up in order to be able to make the change, but to us it's worth it!

The best part about our change, is how great we feel. Our tummies feel better, we have more energy, and we feel great about what we are putting in our kiddos bodies. Teaching them this lifestyle now, will be a gift to them their whole lives!

Have any of you out there reading this made any changes???? I'd love to hear about what your doing!

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Coco Loco said...

So happy to hear that your journey in making this change is going so well. If anyone can do it it's you! :o) The Salem Saturday farmer's market has alredy started. It's held from 9am-3pm on the corner of Summer & Marion (about 3 blocks north of the capitol building).