Thursday, April 29, 2010

the last day of my twenties...

Today is the last day of my twenties. Officially. There is no turning back now, I am a real adult. When I was little 30 always seemed so far. Now, I'm there. While a few weeks or months ago I may have been having a bit of anxiety at the thought of reaching this milestone, today, I feel totally at peace. I am happy and thankful for where God has planted me.

The last ten years has been busy. I have learned much... About life, about relationships, about what is really important, about myself.

In my twenties, I started a business and watched it flourish, planned a wedding, got married, moved many times, bought & remodeled two houses, had two pregnancies, gave birth to two of the most beautiful baby girls God has ever created, cried tears of fear, tears of joy, tears of sorrow, tears of happiness, I was baptized, grew closer to God, have learned many things, have spent many sleepless nights, traveled to different places, have created a home, have realized who my true friends in life really are, have learned how to be more selfless, have been lucky enough to use my creativity almost daily, have been hurt, have been hugged and loved by dear loved ones, have kissed passionately, have stood by the edge of the ocean and felt small, and last but not least I have begun to grow into the woman that God designed me to be.

When I look at that long drawn out sentence of everything that has occurred in my life over the last decade, how can I not be anything but excited to embark into the next decade with anything but happy anticipation??!

Some people spend their twenties playing... Some drinking... Some traveling... Some making mistakes... Some doing great things...Some growing up.

Me, well I'd like to think I spent mine exactly where I should have. Learning lessons specifically designed just for me. Now, it's time to turn the page, and start the next chapter. I can't wait to read on. To see what happens in my thirties, and to continue to grow into the woman that God has designed me to be.

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Myya said...

If I would have read this before running into town today I totally would have wished you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! What a wonderful way to look back on your 20's... nothing more positive then starting a new chapter with happy memories of the chapter that was just written. Hope you have a much blessed Birthday! :)