Sunday, January 16, 2011

unlikely friends...

My kids are head over heals for the hilarious little friends Tom and Jerry... and I have to admit, I like watching Tom and Jerry too! Who knew that old time cartoons, with no words could be so entertaining for hours on end?!
(yes, I said hours on end... sorry folks, that's right, I've been letting them watch a lot of re-runs of Tom and Jerry, because it has been raining like a freakin flood is coming for days now, and this Mama is running out of good winter/indoor activities to keep her little ones busy with!!! * this may or may not enter me in the mother of the year poll!...)

I love that Tom and Jerry give Meritt and Bella something to agree on. Things that they both agree on are rare, so when they are cuddled up watching their favorite little furry Friends, giggling, and belly laughing, I can't help but feel HAPPY! It's their new favorite thing, to cuddle in my bed and watch all of the episodes I've recorded for them.

Today while searching for treasures at an Estate Sale, I found a vintage Tom and Jerry birthday book - I am so excited to surprise Meritt with it on her birthday!!! I also found two copies of vintage Tom and Jerry Golden Books at one of my fav thrift stores! I have a new thing to keep an eye out for when I'm hunting my treasures at antique stores, thrift shops, and estate/garage sales. Fun. Can't wait to see what I can find!

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Myya said...

How fun! My girls have caught it a few times & really like it too. Oh & if I can get entered in for mom of the year based on tv watching, I am TOTALLY IN!!!