Sunday, January 30, 2011

happy treasures...

thrifted treasures

So my dad was giving me a hard time tonight that my blog has been quite depressing to read lately... Which I couldn't even argue, because it has. Hopefully I haven't lost all my readers out there in this season of sadness in my life. Dad's critique got me thinking about what I have to share with you that is happy. I automatically thought of my favorite past time... thrifting. I love old junk! I love making it into something new, or re purposing it, or just giving it a new loving home.

When I was in high school I LOVED to thrift. I mean I did it ALL the time, most of my wardrobe came from thrift shops... and then I met Matt. He hated thrift stores. He found the whole idea of someone elses stuff totally disgusting. Slowing over time, I got him to appreciate antiquing (which lets face it is fancy thrifting), then I got him to garage sale/estate sale with me, and lately well he'll thrift if he has to, but it's my thing! My new found hobby, treasure hunting. It's fun to me. I love seeing what I can find and how cheap I can get it. I go through antique stores now and about choke at how much more things go for there.

Above pictured thrift or garage sale finds...
picnic basket - $4.99 (perfect for storing craft items and fabric)
old school desk - FREE! + a can of spray paint
pottery bowl with aqua interior - .50
raggedy Anne doll - .50 * vintage quilt $24
vintage canister with red handle - $10
yellow tea pot - .25
vintage books - .50 each at my fav thrift shop Vinnie's WE HAVE COLLECTED A LOT OF BOOKS!!!
old mixer $5 - vintage yellow measuring cups $3 set
Vintage 1950's Westinghouse double oven stove - TO DIE FOR! $250 (it totally cooks with love!)
Fairly large collection of glass canisters for pantry items, and crafting goods - .50-$3
Sweet little child's tin - .75

I could walk you around my entire house to tell you all of the stories about where most everything has come from and how inexpensively they have been purchased, but for now, I will leave you with these happy little thrifted finds! Do you like to thrift??? Where do you go? What's the best thing you've ever found? Does it make you happy? Do your children call it treasure hunting like mine do? Is it strange that my dream vacation would be going to the Midwest and doing nothing but to thrift, antique, and estate sale? I am pretty weird huh?!


Myya said...

I Love thrifting. I hardly ever do it because well it just isn't really doable with 3 kids and I just have no room either but man do I LOVE seeing what people find! I

Shauna at The Reed Life said...

hi! me again!
wow! i have that SAME school desk!!!
your style is so fun!

Bella Rose said...

Yeah, I actually have two of these school desks, I love them. The one in the photo I got free off the side of the road, and painted, the other I bought at a thrift shop before I even had kids for really cheap. I saved it until Bella was old enough... now I have one for each kid!:)
I adore thrifting, i think it's an illness! I could do it alllllll the time if I was allowed!