Monday, January 31, 2011

there's a good chance we're crazy!...

(not the actual photo * web image)

As if there was any question about whether we're totally crazy or not...
I'm pretty sure we are!
Last week, Matt took Emma to the vet, and when he came home he was very quiet. I asked him what was the matter, and he told me about a little boston terrier girl they had that needed a home to adopt her. I'm pretty sure the look I gave was worth a thousand words, but I just responded by saying... tell me more.

He said, oh honey she's so cute.
Oh, man...
I'm not good at saying no.
Especially to needy animals, or my husband, when he gets real giddy and excited about something.

So, two days later we went to meet her.
She's very sweet. She was owned by a man in his 70's or 80's that had dementia, and can no longer take care of her. Want to hear something sad? She is a year and a half old and she has never been named, she's never been out of the house, and she has never until last week even been in a car.

The vet wanted to keep her for a few days to watch her, and get her used to a new environment. They also had another person interested in adopting her.

From the sounds of the other person looking to adopt her, we were thinking that maybe their home would make a better fit, so we kind of dropped the whole idea. Although, I have to admit I thought about her little face all weekend, and was wondering how she was doing.

Today we got a call saying that she has been doing great since they have had her, and they think she's ready to go to a new home. We also found out that the other person interested, bailed.

So, I did what any big hearted, animal loving person would do...
I told Matt we could TRY her. See how she likes us, and see how we like her, and we'd go from there... As soon as my girls fall for her, it's gonna be all over! I'm going to be a mother of two girls, two cats, a pug, and a little nameless boston terrier. Just what we needed, more to feed, and more to love! :)

I'll share more soon!


Myya said...

Ehhhhh what's one more right :) I keep saying that about kiddos, but so far Sammer isn't falling for it. Good Luck & I can't wait to hear her name.

Myya said...

Love your new header by the way.

Bella Rose said...

Thanks Myya!