Wednesday, January 12, 2011

every little thing is gonna be ALRIGHT!

everythings gonna be alright

(I love this... find it here!)

Thankfully, I am feeling human again after my surgery, Christmas, Grandma crisis's, etc.! Thank you for putting up with not the happiest of posts the last few... (well, let's leave it there.)

I feel like I'm seeing a big rainbow ahead, after a terrible storm. I still haven't gotten to the gold at the end of the rainbow, or the sunshine filled day that follows the storm... but I can see the promise ahead of me!

Feeling MUCH better, and after MANY days cooped up inside a house (it really hasn't been so bad!) I stole my mama and my girls for the afternoon and we did what any red blooded American girl would do after she's been cooped up for too long. We went shopping!

Just what the doctor ordered!

I Got this cute purse for my upcoming business trip...

because my belly is still too big, and too swollen to fit into clothing that doesn't have some stretch and some elastic (or at the very least a draw string!)...
and I even splurged for the matching wallet.

The girls talked their grandma into a couple of fun new outfits on clearance at Gymboree... and I found Meritt an outfit for her Birthday party next month.

...and while we were at it, we got Meritt's Birthday all planned and ready to go... the easiest party I will have ever thrown, by the way. More on that coming up, but I don't want to spoil it's wonder and brilliance too early! :)

Anyway, just wanted to check in, and say a heart felt thanks for the encouragement and love that I received here lately! I am glad to say I am feeling my zip, zam, zoom, starting to resurface! Hallelujah! A girl must always be able to feel her own sass!


Shelley said...

Love the bag!!!

Bella Rose said...

Me too! It's so HAPPY, just what I needed! Plus, I love anything with a little birdie on it!

Myya said...

Sooo glad you are feeling better! Ooohhh & the purse is ohhh so cute! Shopping can cure so many things :)

Anonymous said...

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