Monday, September 27, 2010


first day of preschool

Preschool 2

Finally, (I'm more than a bit behind) here are Meritt's first day of preschool pictures. Pretty cute if you ask me! :) So, preschool started out a little rough, but with love and patience, it is going MUCH better now. today we started week #3 of preschool, tonight we get to go visit school, for open house and dinner, and Rosie is soooooooo excited to show her school off! I still can't believe she is so big, but do have to admit my 2 hours of kid free time today (my first alone today) is pretty great! Just to have a little silence, peace, and me time, feels like a total gift! Cheers to preschool!

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Adriana said...

awww great pics! i love her shirt. so cute