Friday, September 10, 2010

and so it begins...

I have been doing a lot of praying lately that the first day of preschool would go well. That God would make it a seamless transition for Meritt and for me. Thankfully I think my prayers were answered. Today was our first day, (orientation) Monday marks the first official day of school. Meritt did well! She was slightly clingy in the beginning, but, was okay with her daddy and I leaving her in her class with her teachers Ms. Linda and Ms. Amber while we went and sat with the other parents at our own 'orientation'. By the time we got back to get her she was covered in crusty play dough, and playing nicely on the floor with another little boy. I sat back for a bit watching, until she noticed me, and ran joyfully up exclaiming "Mommy! I had FUN!"

Thank you Jesus, you are good!

Part of my nervousness has come from how she has reacted before to being left, but mostly because Matt and I are leaving Tuesday for seven days to celebrate our anniversary in Maui. While I am thrilled to go, getaway, and share some alone time with my honey. I didn't want to leave my mother in law (Grammy 'D') with her hands full with a unhappy kiddo situation. So far it looks like it's going to be smooth sailing, I'm just going to keep praying that it stays that way!

(I will post some preschool shots later, left my camera at my mom's this morning)


Myya said...

Glad things went so well at PreSchool. Hope that you & Matt have a wonderful time in Hawaii!!!

Shana said...

I think us mommies always over stress about our kiddo's starting school but they always seem to take to it with no problems. Have fun in Maui!