Wednesday, September 8, 2010

feeling pretty crabby...

So, I had a pretty bumpy start to my morning. Which wasn't so good for me, but I thought might make you chuckle... possibly even just for the mear mental picture.

So, the morning was going fairly normally, we're back to our school routine. Getting up, getting everyone ready, dressed, hair combed, teeth brushed, breakfast eaten, lunches packed, so on and so forth. Matt left for work first, the girls and I leave to take Bella to school about 5 minutes after. When we go out to load up in the car to drive to school, Bella says, Oh NO mom, dad has my booster seat. Ahhhhhh. Okay, I'll call and see if he can swing back or see if Papa can bring us their seat real quick. PROBLEM. Cell phone not working. No service. WHAT? It's not as if we live in the sticks. Time is going by, still no phone working, it's too late to walk, and wet, and cold, and we are not dressed for it even if we ran. Ok, so I put the girls in the car (Bella sitting buckled without a booster :( ) We drive the back way 4 blocks, slow to mom and dad's to get a seat. I don't dare to drive to school without a seat, there are always alot of police around. I leave the car running, run through their sprinklers to get to the door. Ring the door bell... NOTHING. Knock... NOTHING. Run back through the sprinklers to get my keys. About this time, Dad opens the door in his robe half asleep. I run through the house to grab his keys muttering all my bad luck, he is confused, by the blur of crazy woman running by him. I go back through the sprinklers to get the seat from their van, can't get the slider door to open, go around back through the sprinklers to the drivers door, climb through grab the seat. Then go back through the sprinklers to put Bella's seat in so we can go to school. Chuck the keys at dad. Get back in the car, I am now SOAKING wet from the thighs down, Uggs and all. We get to school with three minutes to spare. Whooooooooooo. Not a great way to start the day. Feeling a little bit crabby. I hope the rest of the day is better than the morning, cause if not, it's gonna be one, wet, and crazy day! It's a little past nine in the morning, and I need a nap.

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K. Pendergast said...

Funny! Life with kids and getting back to the school routine seems to always take a couple of weeks at least.

I hope you actually had a nap or some time to relax before the rest of the day took over!