Monday, September 27, 2010

day three on Maui...

Day three of our trip on Maui, just so happened to be our 10th wedding anniversary. We contemplated what we wanted to do on our day, and after some thinking we thought we wanted to do something we would really remember (rather than just a day being lazy at the beach). Two and a half years ago when we visited Maui, we came across a restaurant called Pacific'O. We fell in love. It was the most amazing food, in the most amazing setting. We became regulars during our visit, and got to know the wait staff pretty well. After visiting with them we found out that they are the only restaurant on the island that has a farm that is dedicated only to growing food for them and their other restaurant I'o. Not only do they farm almost all of their foods, they are also grow all of their foods organically, and sustainably. Really cool! Anyway, we found out that they do tours of their farm. Unfortunately that trip we didn't have enough time to go, but we knew if we ever visited again that we would really love to visit their farm. So, this time we did! We spent the morning of our anniversary touring their lovely 8 acre farm where they grow their own coffee, stone and tropical fruits, and many many veggies! After the tour, we enjoyed a terrific lunch prepared by the farm's on chef. It was delicious, and so much fun!

Later that day, we did get to spend some lazy time on the beach, swimming, and sunbathing. After we were done loafing on the beach, we enjoyed a romantic dinner at our favorite restaurant EVER... Pacific'O. If you are ever in Maui, GO! I can't stress to you how wonderful it is! So, that was day three of our trip, it will definitely be remembered always! For more info check out their websites... HERE

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Myya said...

The setting is gorgeous, I can only imagine what the food is like! So glad it was such a great trip!