Wednesday, September 1, 2010

our own little pepe...

Do you remember the cartoon Pepe LaPue? Do you remember how Pepe was in love with Penelope, but Penelope doesn't want anything to do with Pepe... This of course just makes Pepe want Penelope more. Well, my friends I am living in our very own version of that cartoon in my house. Our new little kitten Buddy, seems to be one very smitten kitten with our old (used to being an only cat) AddieKat. Every chance Buddy gets he is sneaking in the house to find Kat, to make her love him. She DOES NOT. He chases her all over the house, cornering her only to get hissed and growled at. This doesn't seem to slow him down for long... If he could speak, I'm pretty sure that he is saying, 'don't you want to be my friend?'... 'Everyone loves me, I'm so cute, and friendly is just in my name...' 'You will love me... You will...' It will be fun to see who wins this one! Will Buddy win her heart, or will he end up a broken hearted little boy, chasing after a much too old for him cougar?

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