Monday, September 27, 2010

days 4, 5, 6, & 7...

the beach

the beach 2

Days 4 and 5 in Maui were spent by me spending alot of time in the bathroom or over a trash can getting REALLY sick. Unfortunately I either got a rather bad virus, or some nasty food poisoning. Day four was just about getting sick. Day five was just about sleeping if off... (seriously I slept like 18 hours that day) My pour husband was a total trooper, and a sweetheart taking care of me. He even dined out alone, because even the mere smell of food made me sick.

Luckily by day six I was feeling better, so we spent the day hanging at the beach. I spent the day lounging on a chair by the ocean sipping Gatorade to re-hydrate, and Matt spent the day in the ocean discovering he loves to snorkel.

Day seven, we were headed home. We checked out of our hotel, ate a farewell breakfast at our favorite little spot, got some vacation photos printed at Costco for Bella before the airport, and then it was to the airport, and up in the sky to home we go (went).

And even though two of the days really stunk. The rest of our trip was really amazing. One I will never forget!

Thank you honey, for such an awesome trip! And thank you Grandma 'D' and Grammy and Papa for babysitting so we could go have some alone time! Your the best. XOXO

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