Thursday, August 5, 2010

what is going on???

Seriously. I think I am having a mommy melt down. I just don't get it... I have two little girls and I feel like I live in a dramatic, emotional, roller coaster. Ups - Downs - and in betweens.

Drama began first thing this morning. Tears, fights, upset, and emotion, right off the bat. I had this looming feeling come over. I know what it means when mornings start off this way. It means it's gonna be a long day.

Add to the morning drama swim lessons, and you have yourself a full blown catastrophe! I saw it coming before we ever even left home.

Bella's lessons are first, then a short break, and then Meritt's. Today, we didn't even make it to Meritt's lessons, because she threw a fit the whole time Bella was in her lesson. Three time outs, some yelling about my disappointment, and several tantrums later, I decided, we were heading home. NAP TIME... early. Not, sure what else to do. I can't get Meritt to act the way she and I know she should act, when out in public, and it frustrates the heck out of me. She's a good kid... I think I'm a good mom. Maybe I'm not as consistent as I should be, I don't know... It's hard. I haven't figured out how to effectively figure out what her currency is. I try not to compare myself against other parents, I try not to compare Meritt to other kids, but I don't see other people around us having the same ongoing battle that we are having.

How do you handle, a totally strong willed, headstrong, busy kid, that has no desire to grow up? She is totally fine being a baby forever, but I don't want a baby forever. I want her to grow, and learn, and blossom into the beautiful girl I know she has the potential to be. How do I get her there without a full blown melt down myself? Advise gladly taken!


Krista said...

Obviously we haven't met, I've enjoyed reading about your family though and we live in the same area-makes you more "real". As far as Merrit's swim lessons go, I can only say it'll click for her. She just might not be ready, it sounds like she's scared and at that age just cannot express why. It's a fine line we dance, encouraging them to try new things but not overstimulating them or pushing too far too fast. She will grow up, in spite of herself. Too, sometimes I feel like our children mature DESPITE what we do, not because of what we do. What they need is time. We have to be patient and guide where we can, it's an awesome job we're given, and sometimes it is a painful and frustrating job too. For my son, when he is struggling with his behavior I can usually trace it back to me. I'm the one that's too busy to play. Too busy to snuggle. Too busy to talk. Too stressed to notice the effect it has on him. Once I reign in my own world and give him what he needs he returns to his normally precious self.

Bella Rose said...

Thanks for the great advise. You are totally right!