Friday, August 6, 2010

how about we talk about something postive!

I feel like I've done tons of whining and moaning lately on the woes of motherhood, but I want to take a chance to talk about something really positive about motherhood... This past weekend we had a garage sale. The girls wanted to have some kind of stand, so we decided on a 'cool drinks & cookies' stand where they would sell ice cold bottles of water and home baked cookies for donations to benefit SafeHaven Humane Society (the shelter where we got Buddy).

They did great... (especially Bella) (Meritt is still a little bit small, but she did help) After two days of sitting out at their 'stand' they were able to bring in $114.88 for the animals. I am so proud of them. This was a great lesson in doing something for someone else. Also, by not setting a set price for the refreshments, people were able to 'give freely' another thing that I think taught a lot... to all of us. People are really generous. I don't think we give others enough credit. I know we don't give enough credit to the good that kids are able to do in simple ways!

Anyway, I just wanted to share. It made me really proud of my girls. They are good kids with huge hearts, and I'm grateful for that!

A little bit about SafeHaven Humane Society:
SafeHaven is a limited admission shelter that remains committed to the philosophy of not using euthanasia to control population. Once an animal is accepted at SafeHaven, there is no limit to the amount of time that animal can spend at the shelter. Once the shelter is full, however, no new animals can be accepted, thus preventing our current residents from being euthanized to make room for newcomers. It is this policy which differentiates SafeHaven from publicly funded "open admission" facilities. These public shelters receive their funding from government agencies at a county or city level through animal control contracts which require them to accept all animals presented to the shelter within their contractual agreement.

So we can think of animal welfare like a patchwork quilt, made of different organizations; some "Open Admission", some "Limited Admission" and others such as specific breed "Rescue Groups", "Sanctuaries" and "Animal Control" who all want to get homeless and unwanted animals off the street and into a better place.

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Ca.S. said...

It was a really beautiful action, someone else could save the money for theirself, it was a really big act of generosity. I wish that all men and women were kind as you.. :)
Really you and your kids are true blessings to this world, it's a shame that are so many people in the world, that don't give a sh*t to animals or to the environment...
Thank you so much for helping that shelter :)