Sunday, August 1, 2010

i love Sunday's...


What is it about a Sunday at home that is just so good. I love it. A whole day with my honey, and my girls. Today, the weather was beautiful... the day happy, productive, and peaceful! Doesn't get a whole lot better than that.

Matt worked on projects, I caught up on laundry, cleaning, and putting away garage sale 'stuff', the girls played and played outside, ALL DAY! They played so hard, they came in at 7:50 and told me they were heading up to brush their teeth and get ready for bed. (I'm pretty sure that is a first, if not, it's rare!)

Here's a list of the highlights of the day...

homemade organic blueberry pancakes
ice tea from Starbucks
quiet time in my house to get stuff done
Bella and Meritt playing together nicely
Watching Bella ride her bike round and round the blog over and over again
a Burgerville lunch outside
Family Sunday dinner
my favorite T.V. night...
cuddles with Buddy the kitten
clean sheets
perfect summer weather
open windows and doors
projects accomplished
time spent with my three favorite people on earth

I just love Sunday's... it's all about family... simple pleasures that make life great, and enjoying life!

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