Saturday, August 7, 2010

Go, Dog. Go!

Meritt, has never been much for sitting still long enough to be read to. Usually her patience level is about enough to flip through the pages to talk about the pictures. Well, all of this has changed since she has found "Go, Dog. Go!"! I read it over and over and OVER again, asking each time at the end if she would like to hear another story. That question is always met with the same reply, which is, "nope me like this one!" Okay, I usually say, and we read it again... and again, and again. I'm not complaining though. It's really quite amusing! Especially since she has almost the whole book memorized now.

When we get to this page I say... "Big Dog", and she says... "tiny dog". (pretty close!)

She now comes up to just about everything and says "Hello" in her funny little "Go, Dog. Go!" talk she does.

Her favorite part is when all the dogs party... (betcha can't believe that, can you?)

I wonder if there is a "Go, Dog. Go!" 2? If there is we need to get it!


Myya said...

Soooo cute when they find one that they can't live without & HAVE to read all day every day.

Jennifer said...

You didn't scan the best page....when the other dog FINALLY likes his hat! :) My class this past year REALLY liked "Go Dog Go" too - several of them were really proud when they could read it themselves!! :) time when they were picking books for me to read at quiet time - they got "tricky" and got out both copies of "Green Eggs and Ham" - so we read one forwards and one backwards!! :) Gotta love preschoolers!